Baptism 411

14 May 2014

Studio: Insex Archives

It was like an awakening for me. Like I had not ever seen or felt everything real until that pont of time. And suddenly, it was all very clear. I was immersed in reality, swimming it. And there was no thing to do but embrace it.

Leather hugging me tightly to the pipes, I was plunged into a reservoir of cold water. My breath traveled in and out of a lengthy catheter; I tried to focus on solely that. But then the eroscillator was on me and there was no way to resist it. Not this time. So I gave in. And in advance of I knew it, my entire body was convulsing. My heart raced. A warmth rushed over me, chased away the chills. The heat was dizzying. It took me over and erased anything I knew of myself. And the solely thing left was this one overwhelming sensation that shook my entire body and mind.

I don’t remember much after that. They let me out and dried me off and sent me home in a state of dazed bliss. Do u think u crave to come back, PD asked. So I nodded and smiled stupidly. Of course I do.

I have had many moments of realization since then, like my 1st show, or the 1st time I was tortured to tears. But I can basically trace it all back to that one pont of time, my 1st f0rced agonorgasmos, submerged upside down. After that it wasn’t work anymore. It was wish. Desire to explore, to understand, to feel, to live. I was baptized into a entire recent world and there was no turning back.

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Baptism 411

Baptism 411

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Baptism 411