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I am a slave woman my subjugation is a gift that i do not give lightly
i discover enjoyment, pleasure, and fulfillment from being sub to my Master.

i am not weak or inexperienced. i am a meaty woman, with firm views and a clear concept of what i crave out of my life.
i do not surrender out of shame or weakness, but out of pride and strength.
i will look to my Master for guidance and protection, for neverwill i be greater amount complete than when He is with me.

I know that He will protect my body, my mind, and my soulwith His strength and wisdom.
He is anything to me, as i am anything to Him. His touch awakens me and His thoughts free me.
Only in serving Him do i discover complete freedom and enjoyment... His punishments may be harsh, but i accept em thankfully,
knowing that He has my most good interests always foremost in His mind.

If He wishes my body for fun, i shall joyfully give it to Him
and take fun myself from knowing that i have brought Him happiness.
However, the fun of the flesh is but one facet of O/our relationship.
The love, the trust and sharing, the words spoken and felt,
these are all parts of this relationship.

My body is His, and if He says i am glamorous, then i am. No matter what i look like to others, i am nice-looking in His eyes,
and cuz of that i hold my head high. If He says i am His nice jewel,
then i am that... a pretty, sparkling diamond. If He says that i am His pet, His floozy, His doxy, then i am that..
as wanton and messy as He craves me to be.

My mind is His, to expand, to explore, to know merely as He can.
i have no secrets from Him... for secrets are a thing that would
keep me from being greater amount perfectly His. Secrets would put a wall up betwixt my Master and myself...
and i do not crave walls. His lessons are not always ones i would try to find on my own,
but they are lessons He has decided that i need, and so i learn from Him.
My soul is His, as exposed to His touch as ever my skin could be when i kneel nude animal training His feet.

Never a pont of time goes by when i do not feel His presence, be He miles away or standing over me.
If i were to ever displease Him, His displeasure would be a blow to my soul,
worse control than any lashes could be.
The torment of my soul that i feel when i frustrate Him is harder to bear than any physical torment i feel.
i am grateful that that guy cares sufficiently about me to spend His time and energy so freely on me.
i have the easier job, to feel, to experience, to let myself go and abandon anything to Him.

I am His fun and His responsibility, and He takes the one and the other seriously.
i am a slave woman. i am proud to call myself that, my obedience is a gift that i do not give lightly,
and can solely be given to the One who can appreciate that gift and return it tenfold.
Only to my Master who has that strength, will i give myself fully, cuz i am meaty and proud.
i am a yielding woman.

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BjS 24 Hours Of Hell Raw Tyler

BjS 24 Hours Of Hell Raw Tyler

BjS 24 Hours Of Hell Raw Tyler

BjS 24 Hours Of Hell Raw Tyler

BjS 24 Hours Of Hell Raw Tyler

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BjS 24 Hours Of Hell Raw Tyler