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WIth a rib damage, I did not know how I would feel about Domming anyone...So, I called on Entropy to finish off the performance...I don't want to brag or everything, but DungeonCorp will lastly feature footage with folks in the LA scene who do not often go on camera for such nefarious porn productions...I got a adult baby tingle in my jock when that guy acquiesced...

But as Damon and Bane led Casey into the scene, I was feeling very much animal training in a short time as i got my hands around her neck, I was flying...and one more quick realization...control is an excellent force to play with...but u have to be adjusted...Yknow how they used to say not to do acid or shrooms if you are uneasy to start with? Playing with force and rule are the same for me...Because I do "trip" when Im playing...and If I start in a bad place, it's merely going to take me to a worse place...But, I was in a very nice place for the party...and the scene with Casey took me to a more good place...felt like settling into a warm pool of darksome chocolate...undressing her for the crowd, feeling her loins receive warm and juicy as I rubbed her...the strike of the floggers on her skin and the feedback on my own hand...her screams...y'all know how it feels...delicious...

And handing her gazoo off to Entropy was so warm and cozey like sharing a mug of cocoa with marshmallows...that guy has a wickeder backhand jerk off than Roscoe Tanner...but I discovered holding the sex tool against her love button, as that guy wailed from behind, to be very erotic...

I felt anoying as I grabbed the bullhorn to begin the raffle...but as folks started to come onto "stage" to acquire thier gifts, i started to feel so friggin amazing...Leo Buscaglia not at any time had it any better...friends and stangers coming up to shake hands and hug in front of other allies and strangers...fuck, i am feeling so sentimental...

Much thanks to Casey! It takes a bad gazoo to endure that sort of scene in front of a crowd...It's chaotic and much less protected than a shoot...and remember, this babe had merely met us all an hour in advance of it all went down...a testament to this youthful lady's future as a model, performer and all around limelight lover...she gave that munch such astonishing energy...people flocked to the play areas and stayed playing late into the night...other people gathered to see and all was right with the world...this was really a play gathering and that was my holiday gift to myself...all of u were...thank u!

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The Whip Chamber - Casey Calvert

The Whip Chamber - Casey Calvert

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The Whip Chamber - Casey Calvert

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