Release Year: 2010

Cast: Catherine De Sade

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Bondage, Fetish

Video language: English

Catherine de Sade joins us animal training The Attic. We sit down with her and discover this babe is hawt, lively and energetic --ready for tying. First we receive to know her. Learn about her loss of virginity and when that babe started to really have a fun sex. How this babe learned dong engulfing skills and whether this babe loves chicks or dudes exclusively. We find when the 1st inkling of restraint bondage appeared in her mind's eye and what this babe did with her Barbie dolls. The basic stuff.
It's time for the Luther Meet & Greet. She said us that babe cant live without to engulf ramrod & drink. She too mentioned smth about Luther being sizable. After placing her in an elbow restraint and securing her wrists to her waist this babe was willing for the get-together. I let her know if this babe did a worthy sufficiently job engulfing him off that guy would cum. When this babe got on her knees the room grew silent and that babe took him in. After working him back and forth to the 3.25 mark I asked her to choke on him. Sexy red hair fell around her face as I heard Luther thrash the back of her mouth --that unfathomable type of gut sound, a distressful sound. And then this babe started working him in a deliberate fashion. Luther filled her whole face gap up. She got enthusiastic. Slobbery. She'd work it vigorously and then stop, holding him unfathomable in her face hole and then she'd wiggle her head back and forth trying to nudge it a adult baby deeper. After awhile of enormous face fucking this babe grew fatigued. But with encouragement that babe would acquire right back to the machine like face fuck this babe was giving Luther. So much slobber was present it left a high water mark on Luther's shaft. As this babe grew tired afresh this babe was directed not to stop. Not to slow down. She would whimper animal play times as this babe kept up the pace of that large shaft going in and out of her face gap. She grew greater amount and greater quantity fatigued as the pace that babe was keeping was really high. But I didn't desire her to stop. She was merely now getting actually distressed. I have her yell out whilst not removing Luther and not stopping the face fuck --"I LOVE TO ENGULF COCK!!" Repeat it over and over....don't stop! Speak the words clearly! Her entire face is overspread in slobber. Trust me, it was astonishing.
As I do each morning, I see and sing along with toons. It just so happens I have Elise roped to my couch with a strap-on sex tool. After finishing some other sing-along song on my much loved toon I flip the T.V to the movie scene feed from the old out building. Its Catherine. She's fastened to the Bang Bike. Ring gagged, absolutely widen open and awaiting there, alone. After watching her live movie feed it is back to the toon and greater amount pleasure singing along. After my morning routine I visit with Catherine. I ask her whether this babe cant live without honeys. She let us me know it isn't her preference. That servicing one would be humiliating --kind of like making a lad who isn't homo engulf a man's 10-pounder. ELISE! Get out here! In walks Elise wearing red pants, darksome heels and a strap-on. She is instructed to place that strap-on in Catherine's throat so that babe can acquire it soaked sufficiently to go into her slit. While Elise is stuffing that strap-on sex toy throughout her ring gag and unfathomable down her mouth I have Catherine carry on a conversation with me like no thing is even happening. After this babe enough lubricates the sextoy Elise is instructed to receive behind her and fuck her like a chap. Which this babe promptly does. She lays into Catherine sending her abruptly forward with every down jack off. A line of drool swings back and forth from her upper palate. Then I have Elise fuck her slow and rough. Pulling that wang out to the end and then stuffing it home like a battering ram. One jarring motion. She's given a short break where teat clamps are added with rough 2 pound weights and her thumbs are fastened up to the ceiling from her already fastened wrists. Then it's back to the jack rabbit style intense fucking. Her enormous weights swing like pendulums from her teats as Elise rams her home from behind. After several minutes of vigorous fucking Elise is instructed to have Catherine clean off that marital-device this babe been drilled with. Elise shoves it past her ring gag and Catherine receives busy with clean up duty. Afterward, Elise is said to go right back to fucking her. And to do so as raw and as fast as that babe possibly can. Without any lenience. And that's exactly what that babe does. When the gap in Catherine had been properly used I had Elise stick her feet in Catherine's face, pushing her toes past the ring gag, so that Catherine could take up with the tongue every and each toe of Elise's foot. All of this activity left Elise and her red pants quite soaked and soiled. I stuff these pants into Catherine's face gap and taped em in with clear tape. Only then was that babe allowed a marital-device onto her wet crack.
We discover Catherine in a chair. She's stripped. Her ankles are pulled up higher than her head and fastened off. Tied to the ceiling and then anew outward. Her wrists and arms are too drawn upward and fastened off. Her boobs are tied until they show a bright red color. They also are tied to the ceiling. Soon 2 bowling balls are sat previous to her. She asks what they are for but that babe doesn't receive an answer. She's just left there for a whilst, naked. We can watch that her vagina is swollen. Occasionally that babe shakes her feet as though she's nervous. A gas cover is tightly secured to her face. One that has 3 diminutive holes for her to breath. She'll have to work for every breath this babe takes. And as this babe breathes, on every intake we can watch the veil collapse a bit inner, that babe sounds like Darth Vader. A thick stream of bawdy cleft juice is making it is way out her aperture and into the seat of the chair. Suddenly that babe ejects a hawt stream of urine from her muff that washes out onto the floor under her. It discharges out in a stream that arches well past her body. The smell of urine fills the air around her as the final of it runs off the chair seat and splatters onto the floor. Just as unexpectedly, I take the White Boy fuck stick and stuff it into her cookie. Then I vigorously fuck her with it. At a very fast and raw pace. The abruptness of it all alarms her. It's like it is trying to fuck her as quick and as fast as possible. It works each corner of her orifice as it is pushed in and out. She pulls her gazoo off the chair to deal with it. Then after several minutes, just as abruptly as it started, it finishes. It pulls out and leaves the aperture with a void. We watch the lips recede and return to their original poses. Her cookie is soaked and ribald now. And still this babe has to try heavy to draw every breath. It sucks to have to work so heavy for what the rest of us can receive so easily. A 16lb. bowling ball is fastened off to her large toe and hangs there now. The pace of her breath, the engulfing, the collapsing sound grows much quicker. She's in her own adult baby environment behind that cover. The weight of that bowling ball leaves her groaning out. She's made to tell me what her holes are wonderful for as the Hitachi hits her snatch. It doesn't take her anytime previous to that babe is screaming behind that cover for consent. She rocks the chair about, the bowling ball swinging. I swing it harder as this babe yells out. She literally starts to implore for that assent. Desperate in her voice and need. But that babe is denied. She pleads to me with demeaning statements about herself in an effort to persuade me to let her cum. I love watching her try to draw that breath.

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Catherine De Sade 2010

Catherine De Sade 2010

Catherine De Sade 2010

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Catherine De Sade 2010

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