Release Year: 2014

Studio: Sexually Broken

Cast: Chanel Preston

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore

Chanel Preston tagteamed by rod, ragdoll screwed whilst straightjacketed, brutal epic deepthroat!

Today we have the lush and hawt Chanel Preston back to grace the Sexually broken stage. We do not have just anyone back, it takes a certain sort of stamina and enthusiasm to be invited back for some other round. Chanel brings the type of hunger that makes u wish her back. Plus this babe has not ever been in a straightjacket in advance of. Let's take her straightjacket virginity and watch what happens, shall we?

We buckle Chanel up in the straightjacket, and one time this babe has been throughly immobilized, throw her down on our well-used fuck daybed and bind her legs open wide. Her head hangs over the edge, opening up her throathole perfectly for the schlong. We walk right up and make immediate use of her facepussy. We are no thing if not generous however, and make use to apply a sextoy betwixt Chanel's widen open haunches. Her snatch is on a hair trigger and that babe cums nearly just now, the rock intense dong wedged down past her tonsils the entire time.

Untying her legs so that we can properly ragdoll fuck her, we pick up the pace. The goal is one as well as the other ends plowed, simultaneously, relentlessly and out of leniency. It is a round-the-clock destruction by dick.The knob owns her mouth and pussy.She cums over and over, that babe can not assist herself. We flip her around each which way, using whichever end animalism soever angle we so want. Chanel's eyes roll up into the back of her head as the overwhelming sensations wash over her tied body.

It is time for the finishing touch and we use our fingers to milk a squirting big o out of that well-used fur pie. Fingerblasting cookie is an art, and one time u know the skill u can unlock the key over and over once more. To seal the deal we add a neck rope to provide just the right amount of pressure for our starlet. They always like the neckrope. Straightjacketed, neck fastened off and rolling around in a sex stoned puddle of flesh is a look that Chanel wears well...

Format: mp4

Duration: 19:24

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 6754kbps

Audio: 106kbps

SB Chanel Preston - Apr 18, 2014

SB Chanel Preston - Apr 18, 2014

SB Chanel Preston - Apr 18, 2014

File size: 975.1 MB

SB Chanel Preston - Apr 18, 2014

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