810S Live Feed From October (Pd) Insex

Studio: Insex

Once 810 has attired herself in nylons and high heels, PD ties her hands with leather above her head and raises her to a standing position. He pinches her with clothespins on the mangos, stomach, and labia. Strings attached to the pins are held constricted as PD tickles and torments her. When this babe struggles against him, the clothespins are painfully given away, stinging as they pull away. 810 is next bound to a chair. With her veil removed, that babe awaits the unknown. PD puts a plastic bag over her head and uses darksome tape to seal it around her neck. 810’s eyes spread in terror when the bag starts to fill with water. At 1st, this babe attempts to gulp the liquid, but eventually that babe starts to panic and desperately cries out for aid. With that ordeal over, PD keeps 810 in her chair. He uses a str8 edge razor to shave her twat untill it is smooth and in natures garb. Following her shaving, 810 is suspended upside down with her arms bound to a ring on the floor. She can barely struggle as PD repeatedly brings the rod to her butt. Lowered to the floor, this babe is fastened to a trunk and the thrashing proceeds. 810 is spanked, flogged, and caned. Between sobs, that babe counts every wank and thanks Insex for the treatment. Feeling generous, PD resolves to allow his subject to name her training; that babe alternates betwixt bamboo, rod, and captains daughter. On the floor afresh with one leg bound, 810 writhes and gasps, tortured by the sexy candle wax that PD leaks from above. Her screams are eventually calmed to a soft murmur; this babe has learned to accept her fate.

Format: avi

Duration: 1:18:44

Video: 640x480, XviD, 750kbps

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810S Live Feed From October (Pd) Insex

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810S Live Feed From October (Pd) Insex

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