Insex - No Complaining (Wenona, Az)

Studio: Insex

Cast: Wenona, Az

Genres: POWER PLAY, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Torture, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

A rubber lover’s soaked fantasy, wenona, well-oiled and oozing in latex, suffers animal play the hands of devilish AZ. Rigorous rope-work along with cum-hole pain fatten wenona’s moist cookie. She screams in torment. AZ, pitiless, won’t have it. No whining, this babe says, drawing the ropes tighter. I don’t like whining.

wenona’s haunch. Her hands smear oil along her skin, the calf of her leg, and her foot. Elegant fingers. Muscular leg. Then a latex stocking, darksome with red toe, sluggishly worked onto the foot, smoothed upward. She’s edible, our wenona, adorable. She wears red latex gloves, above the elbow, and a red and dark waist waist corset, all of it lubed, gleaming. She slides red and darksome high heels onto these mouth-watering feet.

AZ ties wenona’s hands behind her back. A rope around her neck is hoisted up. Her body gleams as this babe chokes. She’s lowered to her knees with her head on the floor. What an butt. So tempting. A plug goes in, held in place with a matching thong the color of doxy. The pink flesh of her love tunnel bulges.

Suspended from chest and thighs, her legs are bent back toward her shoulders. Her arms, folded over her head, are wrenched toward her spine. It’s ruthless, that arch in her back, tightened further by AZ. A sex toy slides back and forth over her snatch. wenona whines.

Format: real

Duration: 39:00

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Insex - No Complaining (Wenona, Az)

Insex - No Complaining (Wenona, Az)

File size: 126.2 MB

Insex - No Complaining (Wenona, Az)

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