Studio: Insex

Cast: 912, 813, 626, Donna

Genres: POWER PLAY, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Torture, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

Footage at no time previous to given away shows 912 in her debut as a very sexy gimp, Donna’s early efforts animal training learning to Domme, and 813 and 626 fastened up, tortured, and drilled. A double breast suspension, gord-like imagery, hitting, and cigarette burns – Leftovers 1 shows some of your Insex favorites in uncommon and unforgettable moments.

Locked in a cage, donna views 813 from above, unmoved by 813 as that babe struggles in a hog tie. Later, donna’s muff and butt are on display as this babe bows over, learning her 1st lessons in restraint bondage. The “Princess Donna” personality makes it is 1st appearance. Donna coerces 813 into fondling her zeppelins. Then the gimp, wearing a hood, corset, arm-sack, and a large powerful strap-on, face-fucks 813. Moving “down-south” and encouraged by a cattle-prod, the gimp pounds 813 from behind.

Afterward, 912 and 813 are fastened in mirror image, their hefty milk shakes ballooned and stretched upward to a pivot. They vie for dominance, further stressing one another’s bra buddies, now going darkly purple. They are roped crotch to crotch, then hoisted up into a double breast suspension.

626 is tied upon her back in a jaw-dropping arch, her legs folded underneath her hips and her head drawn backward. Suction cups grow steamy with body heat, distending her teats, drawing out fluid. She’s spanked and slapped. Afterwards, she’s standing, her arms fastened in excruciating restraint bondage. A rope constricts her neck. He steps on her toes. He burns her tit with a cigarette. She kicks animalism him. He demands an apology. When that babe gives none, that guy hauls her up on her very tiptoes. She dances, resistance play for breath.

Bound upon a table on her abdomen, some other rope pulls animalism 626’s neck, holding her upper body high. Her pointer sisters are smacked with a rod. Her legs go purple as Mr. Pogo bonks her holes, widening the petals of her wet crack. A hook slips into her wazoo, and a rod whacks her a-hole red. Mr. Pogo and a sex toy receive greater amount act. 626 comes out of consent. After admitting her failure, this babe entreats for some other in any case, ever hopeful.

Format: real

Duration: 49:53

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Insex - Leftovers (912, 813, 626, Donna)

Insex - Leftovers (912, 813, 626, Donna)

Insex - Leftovers (912, 813, 626, Donna)

Insex - Leftovers (912, 813, 626, Donna)

File size: 126.1 MB

Insex - Leftovers (912, 813, 626, Donna)

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