Studio: Insex

Cast: S4, 423, 912

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Torture, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

Parts 1 and 2 combined.

Young, flexible, but green, the ever-popular S4 and 423 spend a hardly any days in the cunt-tree learning intense lessons in slavery from the sample of luxurious 912. They are fastened, coaxed, harnessed like horses, prodded, whipped, and made to engulf cunt, but 912’s quiet acceptance is far beyond their abilities.

Mummified in bright red except for these succulent double D mangos, 912 looks painfully mellow. Her scoops, big bulbs of flesh, shriek out for pain. Burs dig into her teats. She’s left hanging, like a drupe, to ripen just a tad greater amount. So that when u take her down to eat, when u gnaw and gnash animal play her moist internal fruit, she’s flawless.

Format: real

Duration: 1:43:49

Video: 424x240, RV40

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - The Ripening (Parts 1&2) (S4, 423, 912)

Insex - The Ripening (Parts 1&2) (S4, 423, 912)

File size: 170.7 MB

Insex - The Ripening (Parts 1&2) (S4, 423, 912)

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