Studio: Insex

Cast: Donna, 912

Genres: POWER PLAY, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Torture, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

She’s hot, sexy. He watches her throughout her windows. And that night in specific, this chab awaiting for when her lights go out. He sees her leave her apartment and walk down the street, her short, constricted petticoat showing the lines of her wazoo, her spike heels giving him a hard-on. The guy’s fixated. She’s all this chab thinks about. He’s stolen a small in number things previous to, no thing important, things like lipstick, a girl’s filthy underclothing. He receives off on cum-hole.

He enters her apartment throughout the window. He makes movie scenes of her cosmetics, her garments, her couch. He steals a couple of underclothing. He hasn’t been there lengthy animal play all, when all of a sudden, that babe walks in the door. He hides. He watches. And it’s all likewise much for him as this babe takes off her garments, as that babe caresses her own wobblers. Maybe to him, it’s like a fantasy. He’s living a dream. Maybe this chab thinks he’s making it up in his head. But previous to this guy knows it, he’s standing above her, watching her sleep. He has wire in his hand. And that guy knows it’s gone also far now, that this guy can’t turn back.

For her, the nightmare has just begun.

Breaking and Entering starts the next morning as light streams throughout the windows. She’s bare and fastened constricted with wire. Her throat and eyes are taped. He watches her struggle on the ottoman. She’s breath control. It’s the way this guy wrapped wire around her mouth and bound it to her wrists. Something about her adult baby coughs, the rasp of her breath throughout her face hole. He can’t make no doubt of how valuable it makes him feel.

But then the next surprise. A ally of hers walks in the apartment door. She finds her ally fastened up on the ottoman, groaning. The second gal is upset. She’s not thinking. She doesn’t check the apartment. Because he’s awaiting for her. He’s willing to go up some other level. He grabs her from behind. He’s on a rollercoaster to Hell.

Breaking and Entering draws a picture of a dude obsessed, and of 2 cuties fighting for their lives. But as that guy becomes preoccupied with this recent angel that fell into his hands, things start to unravel. Before the day is over, all 3 will be changed. He will acquire away, free to do it once more. And the gals? Will they survive?

Format: real

Duration: 21:12

Video: 424x240, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

Insex - Breaking & Entering (Donna, 912)

Insex - Breaking & Entering (Donna, 912)

Insex - Breaking & Entering (Donna, 912)

File size: 114.0 MB

Insex - Breaking & Entering (Donna, 912)

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