Insex - Tests 10 (Allison, Audrey)

Studio: Insex

Cast: Allison, Audrey

Genres: POWER PLAY, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Torture, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

Another series of tests shows the introductory material of 2 potential models. The 1st is twenty-three years old and from Texas. She says this babe has come to Insex for passion. Her hair is lengthy, so the tying begins there. Her head is pulled backward and her hair fastened to the back of the chair. The shin of her right leg is fastened to her haunch, her right wrist to the front corner of the chair seat, and left wrist to the opposing back corner of the seat. Her left ankle is fastened to the base of the forward chair leg, the knee pulled outward, so that this babe is posed. Her petticoat hikes up, showing cherry red fabric stretched over her crotch. Her outer clothes is sliced off with a str8 razor. The str8 razor skirts along her internal haunch and snatch. A thick and rippled cunt, already showing a milky jizz.

She is on her back on a piano bench, hands fastened behind her head, her chest bound to the bench, a spreader bar behind her knees and pulled back so that her feet are in the air, widen. Her adult baby toes are fastened to the spreader bar. She is tickled. Clamps on her labia are pulled out toward her large toes, spreading the labia like a throat u wish to kiss, to eat. A double strapon is inserted, the outer balls and rod shoving out. A marital-device is placed against her cookie This acquires adult baby response, so the sex tool is pulled out, her love tunnel recoiling, lazily closing.

A blonde sits in the test chair. She is thin, 22, wearing white nylons, pale petticoat and blouse, and light colored heels. It turns out this babe was a decoration in the Cow Show. She says she’s into whipping and the lifestyle. She says she’s animal training Insex coz she’s looking for recreational enjoyment.

She is undressed, leaning forward, sitting, fastened animalism arms, hands, and feet. A ideal position for a whipping. As the flagellation progresses, a slight gleam appears from the back side of her muff. Her a-hole starts to go pink. She is spanked. She squeals. After the flagellation resumes, her booty starts to show the red trails of broken blood vessels.

Wearing darksome heels, a white cotton shirt, and jeans petticoat that is constricted to her butt, her arms are fastened in a Japanese cradle. A rope is looped around her neck and fed up to the pulley until that babe is up on her toes. She grows uncertain, nervous, perhaps a bit shocked. The rod encourages her to lift one leg. She wobbles, obviously greater quantity than a adult baby shocked now. Her blouse is unbuttoned. Her zeppelins are grabbed, pulling her off balance. The tops of her feet are caned. Her panty pantyhose are bound into her throat. He plays with her fur pie until that babe squeals.

She is tied into a chair, reclined against the back, her arms fastened to the chair back. Her legs are folded tightly and widen. Her scones are smacked with a wooden paddle. It slaps the folds of her slit, pink, the black cropped bush surrounding. Clamps pull the labia outward, revealing the vagina and her shiny love button. Anal beads are poked into her arse. A fake penis goes inside her and is fastened in place. The dildo hums. He plays with her sensitive love button.

Afterward, anything gleams, the arsehole, the love button, the stretched oval of her love tunnel.

Format: real

Duration: 1:07:30

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - Tests 10 (Allison, Audrey)

Insex - Tests 10 (Allison, Audrey)

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Insex - Tests 10 (Allison, Audrey)