Release Year: 2014

Studio: Infernal Restraints

Genres: intersec interactive extraordinary device tying wood iron metal femsub femdom female male domination fem master sd pd humillation fem submissive servitude play rope toy leather exotic ache sex

Her delivery method speaks lucidly of where that babe has been and where that babe is going.

She sluggishly wakes to a gentle rocking and tug animal training her body - Confined to a coffin like container lined with foam, a sensory deprivation hood seals her head with a smothering pressure.

A athletic in Anesthesia Mask covers her nose and face hole orifices permitting the fetid air of her confinement to oxygenate her.

The sound of her breath rushes into her consciousness - What's on my face - hugging it - squeezing it - sticking to me?

She holds her breath - silence. Flexing her body, it is held fast by an inflexible resistance.

As her senses lazily disclose an deep state - a waking nightmare materializes. She feels hawt - pressure builds through her body. Her arms feel numb and will not move.

She is tightly wrapped with plastic film and fastened with webbing. Her feet, belted into 6" stiletto heels.

Helplessly probing a suffocating darkness, her mind roars over the loud rasps of stale air. She gasps, desperately straining against the enclosure as her body aches for oxygen.

Clank, Clank, Clank, The worm rolls out of her pupa - that babe feels a sudden cold hardness pressing against her.

From the confines of a minimalist prison her senses explode as this babe is manhandled by a dangerous fresh *.

Cut from the womb of her plastic wrap forensic shield, that babe is quickly hogtied. Then, a loud but distant command orders her to her knees.

She struggles to obey - her writhing becomes greater quantity craziest as the jarring jolt jabs of a shock saber stab her another time and once more.

Her air orifice whistles as that babe gulps betwixt screams.

He grabs her by the neck, yanking her to her knees.

The method is time tested - assault her senses; flood her mind with shock, anxiety and confusion.

Still hogtied, kneeling, balanced precariously, this babe feels her head yanked back - that guy places a rebreather bladder over the hood's merely opening.

Her face hole is packed - pressed with a big sponge and sealed with a band of tightly wrapped vinyl tape.

Her eyes are stretched wide as the anxiety of this madman's machinations unfold previous to her.

He , clinching a brass ramrod and a lengthy snaking red cable attached animal play the end.

Format: mp4

Duration: 41:31

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 6739kbps

Audio: 118kbps

Safe House 2 Part 1 Hazel Hypnotic - InfernalRestraints HD

Safe House 2 Part 1 Hazel Hypnotic - InfernalRestraints HD

Safe House 2 Part 1 Hazel Hypnotic - InfernalRestraints HD

File size: 2.0 GB

Safe House 2 Part 1 Hazel Hypnotic - InfernalRestraints HD

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