Studio: Insex

Cast: Seven

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Torture, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

The piece starts with seven looking the debutante in baby blue sweater and knee length skirt. Her bright red lipstick and heels will glamorous in a short time be matched by a bright red cookie. In the beginning, seven appears to be sure of herself, throwing sultry looks animal play the camera. She is glamorous in a short time reined in by strenuous restraint bondage, her wrists roped together and pulled over her head and then bent downward tight to her back. A ligating cord is drawn about her neck. We can see her surprise as her aversion becomes obvious within the 1st not many minutes. That wide face aperture of hers is gorgeous pretty soon stuffed and so much tape applied that the lower half of her face is encased.

After greater amount rope is added in the next segment, the scene becomes reminiscent of the Perils of Pauline. But not for long. It is in a short time a scene with Insex written all over it. She is bound cross-legged with arms behind. Then her neck is brought to her ankles, rendering her helpless. Another rope binding ankles, thighs, and lower back, ensures that playgirl is folded tightly and that her holes are available for use. Her skirt is pulled up. Scissors cut a hole in her tights. Her sheer pink panties are slid into her love tunnel. The scissors investigate her enchanting pink labia. Fingers penetrate. Her underclothes is cut off and stuffed into her face hole. Her face is taped one time greater quantity previous to the eroscillator makes it is 1st appearance.

At last, her zeppelins make their debut. Her sweater and bra are cut and her full scoops pulled outward, drooping like fruits. By now, her lipstick is smudged. The clear plastic funnel tied in her mouth finds it is perfect use by holding the inflatable gag.

Next is a glamorous wrist and ankle tying suspension. She is hoisted to the perfect height for sexual use. A nose hook keeps her head arched upward. She begins to fuss, but this is hardly the end of her push around.

A large, open chair-like perch is constructed of 4-by-4's with metal bracing in order to guarantee maximum availability. seven is tied to it in a squatting position. Her milk sacks are bound off tightly, bobbling like balloons brute enforcement a summer fair. The a-hole hook tests her ability to hold position. The hook is applied to her impure cleft in the next scene, lifting her pelvis off the "chair". She is held up and undressed in this way, and caned until this chick cries.

As the discipline progresses, seven is introduced to an electric anal stim, a 2 hole fuck with Mr. Pogo and the fucking machine, and a flagellation that heightens the glow of her dirty cleft to the color of a poinsettia.

But the coup de grace is the final scene - a single breast protruding from a metal container. The aspect of nurturance held in isolation. A visual moan. He brings blood from the teat tip rather than milk. We are left with that image, blood. And metal as the encasement of female.

Format: real

Duration: 1:38:06

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - Sevens Training (Seven)

Insex - Sevens Training (Seven)

File size: 159.9 MB

Insex - Sevens Training (Seven)

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