Ariel reads her next instructions... (2013)

Release Year: 2013

Cast: Ariel


... then ties eight meters of very coarse rope around herself into a body restraint then stands on a tiny rubber tile on the floor and bracelets her wrists to the ceiling. A curtain drops away to the floor to disclose Sally (Ariel’s twin sister) bound to a wall with legs and arms widen wide apart using greater amount of the coarse old rope to metal rings in the wall. Her petticoat pulled down around one ankle showing wires from a Tens machine to electrode patches animal play the tops of Sally’s legs. “All u have to do Ariel is stay motionless on ballet pointe or your poor Sister will be automatically electrocuted for 5 seconds on your each movement - Her fate is in your hands! - Ariel’s toes pretty soon begin to hurt and that babe has to stretch. Ariel explains this to Sally saying that babe is very sorry - as pretty soon as Ariel moves we hear an electrical hum and a shriek from Sally - this proceeds on each movement until Ariel moves just to electrocute her sister for making her use the sex-toy earlier, with a ‘got even’ smile on her face. At the end Sally is stood with rope rapped around her head as a gag, elbows fastened with rope and wrists cuffed behind her back, Ariel watches as Sally is led away by a further rope bound around her neck.

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Duration: 10:37

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Ariel reads her next instructions... (2013)

Ariel reads her next instructions... (2013)

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Ariel reads her next instructions... (2013)

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