Release Year: 2013


Katie ties a crotch rope around herself and fastens the thongs of her leather head restraint securely. She then faces a window knowing that there is an old footpath that runs past that hardly anyone uses but the thought of being seen is addictive and this babe continues to rope a spreader bar betwixt her ankles. Katie clamps every teat with a couple of .ceps that that babe bought especially for this day and attaches the end of a rope to her crotch rope that goes up and over a hook in the ceiling and back down to a weight on a tall stool. She let us the weight swing free then holding onto a remote subjugate that babe slips her arms into a loop of rope suspended from a winch likewise attached to the ceiling and cuffs her hands behind her back. Katie is willing for the last part and operates the remote subjugate that begins the winch until her elbows are pulled up taut and this babe stops it. Katie thrusts her thighs forwards and up so the weight drops and pulls the crotch rope tighter until this babe is on tip toe but in advance of this babe can have a fun herself, smth catches her eye and that babe looks up animalism the window to watch the silhouette of a hooded stranger appear and starts to see her .

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Duration: 12:55

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Leather head harness securely (2013)

Leather head harness securely (2013)

Leather head harness securely (2013)

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Leather head harness securely (2013)

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