Release Year: 2013

Cast: Ariel


... wraps every red rope around her ankles and ties em off then kneels on the couch and puts the rope one time around the ottoman corners and back to her waist and ties em off. She begins to lay face down which pulls the ropes around her waist and pull her ankles apart and to the corners of the daybed. She puts some red pants into her face hole and red tape over her lips to keep em in place then puts her wrist into metal cuffs on the other corners of the couch with a pleasuring click. Ariel is now face down and widen eagle until the ice melts and frees one hand so that babe can release herself. The ice melts far also quickly for Ariel and after spanking her own slave for her failings this babe returns with a recent ice release and puts greater quantity red ropes on the daybed and ties a crotch rope around her leaving 2 lengthy free ends behind. She ties short red ropes to her ankles and around the submissive corners of the sofa and pulls the ropes taut, pulling her legs apart and to the daybed posts and ties em off. She fastens a ball gag in her face hole and lies back onto the ottoman then pulls the loose ends of her crotch rope taut, making her gasp into her gag and ties em to the master corners of the ottoman then secures her wrists into the handcuffs as previous to and begins to wriggles on the couch rubbing away her thighs with vertical teats and enormous breathing until the ice melts another time.

Format: mp4

Duration: 25:22

Video: 720x576, AVC (H.264), 1951kbps

Audio: 122kbps

Ariel dressed in a very see through purple bikini... (2013)

Ariel dressed in a very see through purple bikini... (2013)

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Ariel dressed in a very see through purple bikini... (2013)