Release Year: 2013


... that is propped up by a work bench and chains and padlocks a couple of cuffs to the dominant run then fastens a ball gag in her face hole. She sits on the ladder and ties a crotch rope around herself and it is end to a ladder run then this babe attaches a sextoy to the crotch rope with zip ties and switches the marital-device on. Next this babe ties ropes around the master of every leg and to some other ladder run then fastens leather thongs around her ankles and ties ropes from the thongs to the runs of the ladder. Tracey fastens her body, one as well as the other above and underneath her scoops, to the ladder with leather thongs then puts a peg on every nipp. Next that babe places her wrists into the wristlets and with a click that babe is secure, then Tracy stays still for some time as this babe gathers her courage. Tracey crams the winch remote rule button and partly raises the master of the ladder and then this babe stops, She breathes enormous anew then crams the button to raise the ladder some greater quantity - that babe does this a not many times until the ladder is as high as that babe dare then drops the remote discipline.

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Duration: 17:42

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Audio: 122kbps

Tracey walks over to the top of the ladder... (2013)

Tracey walks over to the top of the ladder... (2013)

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Tracey walks over to the top of the ladder... (2013)