English Punishment Series 16 DVD

Release Year: 2013

Studio: CalStar California Star Productions

THOU SHALT NOT FORGIVE - Two choir cuties are summoned by Vicar's wife for a nice telling off and some old-fashioned punishment. They have been out night-clubbing despite reiterated appeals from the Vicar not to do so. Their hard drinking has caused their voices to go out of tune which ruins the wonderful work of the other singers. A rough hand spanking, and firm paddling with a leather tawse appears to be to be deterrent sufficiently, but the Vicar's wife gives a decision that a firm lashing with the rod is too in order.

NO APPEAL PROCEDURE - Leslie is the receptionist in a "High Class" Hotel, but this babe proceeds to turn away customers that do not fit the bill. Because of this that babe is summoned to the Manager who let us her know that the merely course of act is a sound beating. The Manager explains that there is no Appeals Procedure and this babe will have to take it or not. She accepts and will have to deal with several very heavy rod strokes previous to that babe is finished. Then Judy, the telephonist is summoned. (She's been offering some male guest additional services). When confronted and is said there is no appeal process, that babe endures countless whacks across her sub with her white knickers on, leaving a palm print across her slave. He then stands on a chair to acquire the full affect of his downward rod strokes on her submissive leaving the screaming Judy in a very sore state.

THE ATHLETE - An athlete puts the blame on her manager when this babe doesn't show up for drill sessions. As a Gold Medalist in running and hurdles this babe is expected to work much harder. She get to go back to the Dome for ever greater quantity strenuous practice to achieve her goals. But in advance of this babe can do that that babe have to undergo a severe torment session complete with a intense hand-spanking, tawsing and a small in number very rock hard strokes of the rod. This castigation is meant to instill in her the important fact that if that babe desires to proceed to be animal training the master of the field, that babe need to work harder than any of the other athletes.

ROLLOVER ROLLUP - Jack is going to be a millionaire, if that guy can discover his lottery ticket. Sophie tells him it is on the shelf in her room, but this chab can't discover it. So this chab drags her from the baths to locate it. When this babe cannot, this guy continues to redden her nude sub with a firm hand spanking. He then takes her into the dining room where his leather paddle produces some resounding smacks during the time that that babe is bent over the table. For precious measure this guy has her lie on her back on the table, legs in the air for greater quantity.

PAINFUL TRIP TO JUSTICE - Charles enjoys reading the paper with his morning paper, but things are not looking valuable. His lodger has just received a police summons for shoplifting. That beauty is in for it! Not 2 weeks underneath his roof and this babe is in trouble with the law. He undertakes the torture himself. Striding into her room this chab tells her that her slave is going to pay for her behavior. Using his hand and a diversity of crude implements, that guy reddens her undressed ass cheeks with sound strokes. Then to ensure that babe knows that this behavior will not be tolerated, that guy brings out his rod and gives her several resounding stokes.

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 1:03:25

Video: 720x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1904kbps

Audio: 62kbps

English Punishment Series 16 DVD

English Punishment Series 16 DVD

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English Punishment Series 16 DVD