Release Year: 2013

Studio: Shadow Lane

Cast: Natasha, Bella, Stephanie Locke, Sybil, Violette, Kat (General)

We renowned our 90th discharge by assembling a big cast for an all-female spanking extravaganza! Set animal play the Lambda Sigma Zeta summer retreat, visiting professor Stephanie Locke, along her 2 able lieutenants, senior sisters Natasha and Kat join jointly to sternly school junior sisters Sybil, Violette and Bella in the requirements and obligations of belonging to their sorority.

After reviewing the Lambda Sigma Zeta pledge (Academic Excellence, Personal Expression, Compassion and Humanity to All), Stephanie, Natasha and Kat reproach Sybil and Violette for allowing their grades to drop beneath an A average, thus endangering the sorority's reputation for high intellects. Red-haired Sybil (who could pass for the younger sister of Lambda Sigma Zeta alumni Tanya Foxx) is spanked by the miniature but determined Kat for allowing her grades to slide.

Dark-haired Violette, who flippantly declares that her wartime boycott of all things French has precluded her completing her literature assignments is brilliantly scolded and vigorously trained by Natasha, a breathtaking dark brown taskmaster, who does not spare her arm in the task. Saucy brainiac Bella is thoroughly spanked, scolded (and tickled!) by Stephanie, for studying also much and neglecting the physical world, such as the gardening that babe has been assigned.

Not a professional model, but a real Shadow Lane beauty, who is a warm and witty contributor to our online bulletin board, this juvenile lady's reactions to her spankings are one as well as the other enthusiastic and delightfully comedic. Bella is likewise spanked by the elegant Natasha to further impress upon her the importance of returning to the garden for one as well as the other physical and spiritual nourishment. In a double spanking scene of wall to wall femininity, Sybil and Violette are bent over the bed and soundly punished for their continued recalcitrance by the tandem team of Kat and Natasha.

Throughout their "day of discipline" Sybil, Violette and Bella are spanked and paddled in the garden and camp grounds with the Lambda Sigma Zeta sorority paddle. Nor do they argue about the embarrassing punishments, realizing that the honor of belonging to the prestigious sorority is worth any ordeal. In this 68 minute movie you'll meet five fresh faces at no time previous to seen in a Shadow Lane production and welcome back one of our favourite mistresses and dearest scene allies, Stephanie Locke.

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 1:13:58

Video: 480x360, Windows Media Video 9, 1220kbps

Audio: 62kbps

Our Sorority Summer Camp DVD

Our Sorority Summer Camp DVD

File size: 666.1 MB

Our Sorority Summer Camp DVD