Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage pain play pain hard pd enema 912 insexarchives

The twisted flower, who has proven herself to be a multi-talented musician, chat hostess, and model extraordinaire, proceeds her enforcement animalism Insex. We 1st watch violet languishing on the studio’s cold concrete floor with face and upper body hidden underneath a sack and legs and arms taped jointly. Releasing muffled moans and grunts, that babe flops around for awhile, attempting to break free. PD enters to pull down her nylons and underclothes and unbutton blouse and petticoat. He fixes a noose around her neck and yanks her to a standing position. Pulling the noose taut, this chab torments the gagged girl with the end of the rope, then leaves her hanging helplessly.
PD lowers her to the floor and pump gags her throat, then adds a transparent hood. Her arms are fastened tightly behind her back with elbows touching and her neck is secured to her ankles. Tipping her onto her side so that that babe cannot resist, this guy inserts a pump fake penis and inflates it inside her.

Next, Violet is tied in a plough pose on master of a darksome, wooden grate. Bent in half with head betwixt her legs, this babe wiggles her arse in protest as PD canes it and then moves on to her feet and haunches. He heats up her skin with a torch then cools her down with streams of water from a squirt gun.

With Violet on her back, railed on a wooden plank, PD wraps latex around her face and neck. He controls her breathing, covering and uncovering her nose with the band, then suctions her nipps and pushes a hook into her wet crack.

The plank is tilted and violet lies upside down animal training an angle with legs over a wooden grate and back slightly arched. She screams in anxiety throughout a ring gag as PD fondles her delicate skin with the Violet Wand and decorates it with rod lashes.

After beating her bawdy cleft, PD uses clamps to hold it wide open whilst this chab bonks her with Mr. Pogo, alternating betwixt bawdy cleft and face hole.

She is then hogtied with her legs widen for elementary access and hair pulled back, f0rcing her head up. Mr. Pogo is put into place, bound to the trunk, and left there. When PD canes her meatballs and haunches, violet struggles, fucking the sex tool in the process.

Continuing to test his subject’s strength, flexibility, and endurance, PD uses a restraint to lift violet into a bridge with her back arched severely. He fills her throat and fur pie with dildos and canes her as that babe sweats from the exertion.

Finally, this guy allows her to elect her own ache. He attaches a clamp zipper to her nipps, belly, and labia. If that babe lowers her body, they will be ripped off. She tries to ease herself down lazily, crying from the pinching ache as the pins fall off one by one. Resigned, this babe falls down totally on her back, screaming as the clothespins separate from her skin.

With manacled feet and fastened arms, Violet straddles a horizontal pole. PD clamps her bumpers and attaches em to a chain. She tugs animal training her teats when this babe attempts to struggle or escape his rod.

In the final scene, violet’s feet and legs are bound to either side of the pole. Her hands are fastened to the bar and her hair is back, holding her head up.
Original FileName: 20011031 - Violet's Training (Violet)

Format: real

Duration: 55:00

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Violets Training - InSex

Violets Training - InSex

Violets Training - InSex

Violets Training - InSex

File size: 89.4 MB

Violets Training - InSex

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