Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

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Fresh, virginal, unsure, they fidget nervously previous to the cameras, answering his questions guardedly. You have to wonder what’s going throughout their heads as this guy starts to wrap the ropes expertly around their juvenile undressed skin. Are their pants soaked with arousal when they feel his tying embrace their limbs? Are they overwhelmed with urges they have not at any time felt in advance of? Was it all that they expected? Or maybe smth greater amount? In the 3rd canagirls article, four newcomers succumb themselves to PD’s skillful hands for the first--and last--time.

Piedra, a marvelous Brazilian with shaggy hair and creamy chocolate skin, had at no time experimented with restraint bondage in advance of, though that babe often had dreams of being a bad beauty. PD doesn’t waste time, restraint bondage her down to her chair just now after the interview and holding her legs widen with rope. He cuts off her clothing, exposing her toned, curvaceous body. Supple mambos are bound with leather and a posture collar is clasped tightly around her neck. Yanked up to a stand, that babe balances on six-inch heels whilst PD flogs her delicate flesh. He suspends her to proceed with the flagellation. She is then introduced to Mr. Pogo. Helplessly, that babe whines throughout her gag.

Lorelei, an deviant dancer, came to Insex for an raw experience. And that is exactly what that babe acquires. Gagged and tied with elbows touching, a nose hook gives her a cute pig snout. Standing on tall heels with her hair as her solely support, that babe does a particular dance for PD. Tied on the floor with arms Japanese style and legs folded and widen, this babe is left to struggle alone. Returning, PD ties her whoppers with leather. Lifted totally into the air, this babe hangs by her love bubbles.

Petite with fiery, short hair, 21 year-old Mary finds that Insex is somewhat different than the soft restraint bondage that babe does with her boyfriend. Standing with handcuffs locking her ankles jointly, that babe removes all her garments. Her arms are secured with leather overhead and this babe is suspended by her wrists. Small braces pull her large toes jointly; a chain attached to em anchors her to the floor. Her lithe, smooth body is stretched out, vulnerable. Moaning, this babe scans the room, begging desperately with her eyes.

PD’s last sufferer, Sean, is a sarcastic vixen with pale skin and flaming red hair. He subdues her quickly, cuffing her ankles to a spreader bar and adding a metal collar and hand handcuffs. After her blue sundress is circumcised off, that babe sits on the ground, burdened by her restraint bondage. Impatiently, this babe waits for the act to start afresh. PD silences her with a gag and pulls a stocking over her head. He wraps darksome tape around her eyes and face hole. Making her even greater amount powerless, that guy tapes her hands, ties one as well as the other of her legs, and leaves her alone to languish on the floor.

She learns, just like the others. He teaches em well. And they all come around, eventually.

Original FileName: 20011226 - Tri-Hanging (Canagirls 3) (Piedra, Lorelei, Mary, Sean)

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Tri-Hanging Canagirls 3 Piedra, Lorelei, Mary, Sean - InSex

Tri-Hanging Canagirls 3 Piedra, Lorelei, Mary, Sean - InSex

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Tri-Hanging Canagirls 3 Piedra, Lorelei, Mary, Sean - InSex

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