Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying power play torment raw pd enema 912 insexarchives

Bound and powerless atop a tatami couch, there is no escape for this Asian wonder. Ornately wrapped in ropes, this babe struggles to free herself. But PD’s tying is constricted and his torments are implacable. Slowly, this babe is disrobed and disoriented.

Shot in a Japanese-style setting, Sankei opens with 731 writhing seductively in dark underware and heels with arms behind her back and one leg fastened up.

Her mesh shirt is removed and hands are retied over her head. Moaning in distress, this babe hobbles onto her knees and proceeds to try and break free.

PD ties her hands Japanese style and pushes her onto her belly. Ropes extending from her braids to her ankles f0rce her to tilt her head and arch her back.

With the soles of her feet tied jointly, her widen legs are secured to a lengthy bamboo stick. Bare milk shakes are fastened tightly.

Redressed in a blue kimono, one foot is wound in rope with toes widen and bound separately. Raising foot to face, PD instructs her to take up with the tongue and engulf her sore toes.

PD gropes and taunts her, but there is no thing that babe can do to resist his wandering hands. He puts an end to her sniveling, f0rcing a cloth into her face hole. Her face reddens as a cocoon of rope is spun around her head. He next uses a skewer to ache her milk cans and aching feet.

Naked with calves tied to haunches, 731 is raised from the couch by her hair. Grimacing, this babe dangles in the agonizing suspension untill PD animalism final relieves her. Seated on her feet hunched over, that babe is left alone. The position is slow, steady pain.

Moved to a kneel that babe is fitted with a spider gag. PD copulates her face and cum-hole with a marital-device then suspends her by her hair one greater amount time.

Cloth is stuffed throughout the ring of her gag and a hook pulls her nose up. PD teases her pig snout with a leather cord. He canes her inward haunches and wobblers then f0rces her to present her booty and proceeds with the strokes.

Original FileName: 20011128 - Sankei (731)

Format: real

Duration: 30:23

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Sankei 731 - InSex

Sankei 731 - InSex

File size: 49.3 MB

Sankei 731 - InSex

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