Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power exchange punishment raw pd enema 912 insexarchives

So soft and tender in appearance, no one would dare to give molly’s perfectly pedicured feet the humiliate that that babe begged for. Until that babe met PD. In her live feed from June 9, 2001 this tying enthusiast lastly acquires the treatment that that babe wishes.

Unable to resist playing with her in advance of the feed starts, PD kidnaps molly and sneaks her into his garage for a brief session of pre-show joy. When this chab is done, that guy wraps his package and ships her off to the studio.

The show begins the next day with molly fully clothed, a burlap sack hiding her head and upper body. A noose chokes her slim neck as that babe balances precariously on six-inch heels. Eager to expose some flesh, PD removes her petticoat and strategically cuts openings in her raiment, revealing twat and teats.

With wristlets holding her ankles in place, molly is perched on a iron vibrator. PD single-tails her chest and soaks her with a squirt gun. But the worst punishment is the sextoy on her swollen, tenderized love button. Her moans, whimpers, and screams merely encourage him to proceed.

Molly next takes several grueling laps around the maypole with stocks weighing her shoulders down and bawdy cleft and gazoo hooks f0rcing her onto her toes. With each step, the hooks push into her delicate cavities. But PD is always close animal training hand; the rod adds the supplementary encouragement that that babe needs.

For the grand finale, molly lies on her abdomen with back arched and head and feet held snugly animalism contrary ends of PD’s heartless device. He prepares her toes with great care, encircling em with metal. Spread, stretched, and secured to a board, her hot soles are animal training PD’s compassion and expect the tortures that guy has planned. He starts by oiling em up and warming em with a heat gun. Next this guy smacks, tickles, and pokes the slave of every foot with a wooden skewer followed by some valuable, heavy strokes with the rod. The torments proceed with pins shoved excruciatingly unfathomable into the balls of her feet and candle wax oozed all over. PD removes the wax with a rod then teases Molly’s hard skin, rubbing his cigarette across it is surface. But molly still desires greater quantity and PD gladly gives it to her: skewer, heat gun, rod on her arches, and lastly a rubber catheter. When molly is given away, that babe cries tears of pleasure and thanks PD profusely for lastly realizing her ultimate dream.

Original FileName: 20011114 - Molly's Toe Stretch (Live Feed From June 9, 2001) (Molly)

Format: real

Duration: 1:05:30

Video: 240x180, RV30

Audio: 20kbps

Mollys Toe Stretch Live Feed - InSex

Mollys Toe Stretch Live Feed - InSex

Mollys Toe Stretch Live Feed - InSex

File size: 38.1 MB

Mollys Toe Stretch Live Feed - InSex