Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

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Cute and miniature like a porcelain doll, that babe discovered her 1st experience with tying comforting. But this wiry, sweet-faced 18 year-old has a rebellious streak in her that implores to be tamed. In those discharges, PD provides her with all the comfort — and disgust- that that babe needs.

He receives to work just now after the interview, tightly binding her arms and ankles with rope. Lying on the floor, this babe removes her jewelry and wriggles out of her petticoat and underclothes. With flat tummy and lengthy, thin legs bare, that babe languishes on the cold concrete.

PD pulls up her feet and suspends her upside down. She is infirm to do everything as this guy pulls up her blouse and brassiere and stuffs a gag into her throat. As that guy singletails her, this babe wiggles around like a worm. When this guy turns his back, this babe defiantly pulls the gag out of her throat and struggles against her tying.

She is let down and this time hung by her neck with a taut posture collar restricting her breath. He ties her scoops with leather and gags her with a sock then leaves her to dance on her tiptoes. Seated, her legs are widen and fastened open wide.

She starts her next discharge in underware, nylons, and six-inch heels. Arms fastened in a high strappado, this babe struggles to balance on the painful shoes.

She is next bound on master of a table with whoppers fastened and a noose asphyxiation her. Seated with legs widen and tied, her arms are bound Japanese-style behind her back. PD stretches her slit with a clothespeg and gags her with a sponge. Then that guy tightens the noose, f0rcing her to sit up str8. A fake penis on the clitoris makes her twitch and shake. She giggles and protests throughout the gag and tries to poke it away, but PD is unforgiving.

Hogtied on the table, her chest heaves beneath the strain of the position. PD teases his feeble sufferer as that babe is choked by the rope around her neck.

Repositioned so that legs are widen and feet are fastened haunches, PD ties a leather cord to her tongue man and wraps it around her neck. Soaked with water, this babe drools uncontrollably and writhes in ache as the electric wand sends currents throughout her delicate, stripped areas.

Flipped onto her back with arms overhead, all her holes are easily obtainable. Mr. Pogo is used to fuck her face and wet crack. The eroscillator is brought out one time once more. She whines and entreats animalism it is touch.

Original FileName: 20011212 - 828's Test (828)

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828s Test - InSex

828s Test - InSex

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828s Test - InSex