Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage dominance and submission castigation hard pd enema 912 insexarchives

Blonde hair, blue eyes, creamy white skin, and a body to die for. 112 looks so pure that someone just has to defile her. In her live feed from November 4, 2000, PD seizes the opportunity to chastise her as this guy sees fit.

With one decoration bare in a suspended cage and cowgirl making her debut standing fastened and gagged in a wooden box, 112 starts her feed hogtied fully dressed on the studio floor. PD cuts right to the follow, stuffing cloth into her throat and removing her costume with a sharp knife.

PD uses a rope as a leash to lead his pet around the studio. She wiggles like an inchworm, resistance play to keep up. A nose hook adds to the humiliation.

Strung from the ceiling in an inverted suspension, that babe is tortured with clamps the rod, and the Violet Wand.

Once she’s let down, her a-hole and snatch are plugged. Knees are fastened so that this babe has to waddle on her knees.

Standing with her body held doubled-over with rope, that babe does some other stupid walk. PD spanks her wazoo to keep her moving.

A noose is then fitted around her neck. She does a tender balancing action, dancing on her toes to avoid strangulation.

Seated on a chair, her legs are bent and widen like a frog. PD prepares a zipper, securing clothespins to her ears, bra buddies, belly and fur pie. A dental gag holds her throat wide open so that we can hear her screams of torment as the pins are painfully ripped off.

After opening 112’s pussy wide with a metal probe, PD lights a cigarette and allows her a not many drags throughout her nose. He then uses it to burn her delicate, widen cookie. Cowgirl receives in on the act momentarily, receiving light touches with the cigarette on her pointer sisters.

For the last scene, this babe is to be pierced with a 3 1/2 inch, 22 gauge needle. Sir C starts to poke it throughout her breast, but the feeling is so intensive that babe starts to feel nauseous. The show now over, PD searches the room for his next sufferer.

Original FileName: 20011222 - 112's Debut Feed (Live Feed From November 4, 2000) (112, Cowgirl)

Format: real

Duration: 38:45

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

112s Debut Feed Live Feed 112, Cowgirl - InSex

112s Debut Feed Live Feed 112, Cowgirl - InSex

112s Debut Feed Live Feed 112, Cowgirl - InSex

File size: 62.9 MB

112s Debut Feed Live Feed 112, Cowgirl - InSex