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Studio: Insex Archives

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I awoke animal play 4:30 this morning to the music of Aliens. My body was screaming from the aftershock but I was juicy. Then I remembered I've been oozing all day pacing around the bdsm area. Just thinking about the sting of the cat and offering myself for the next blow of the rod. The dismay of the yielding stance in such a predicament and knowing it is near. Realizing it's going to happen this day, an hour, right now.

I don't understand ache and my developing arousal. My body resists this; why do I revel in it? The leather belt wraps around my arms behind me. Shoulder blades are put in their place, the belts squeeze the flesh of the upper arms. Then, it slides around my neck and is pulled taught to my ankles. My scones are adjusted with taut coils.
I have 2 choices. I can lie on my belly, which creates pressure on the love muffins, the hipbones and abdomen. This position enables me to release a adult baby pressure off the garrote. The other position is on my side. This one strangles me during the time that placing my upper body weight on one arm. This position is slightly easier on the back. The legs are immobilized in either position.
Why do they call it a Hog-tie? I wonder. Hogs can't do this. And in my body I feel greater quantity like an cutie. Breasts fixed, abdomen stretched constricted and head pulled back into a position of flight. But after a whilst it hits me. Hogs sniff and grovel in the mud, and in their own shit. And here I am squirming around on the bawdy floor; my flesh no thing but a cleaning utensil picking up dust and mud from the bottoms of shoes. I've not at any time been this close to the ground. The concrete sucks the heat out of me but the furnace and the strain of the garrote gives me greater quantity than sufficiently heat.
He acquires bored and tired of my chattering. A big ball gag is secured in my face hole. It has a catheter in it so one can breath. It is nearly impossible to breathe throughout your nose due the stretch of the jaw. It closes the nasal passage. Saliva collects and get to be f0rced out of the face hole in order to breathe. The size of the ball induces a dull pang in the jaw.
There is a cold puddle of drool that I am f0rced to stew in. The oozy substance does not soak into my skin. It further cleans the floor. The de-humanization process is getting likewise me. I cry and snot fills my nose. He's enjoying the spectacle. He's telling me to stimulate the breast clamps with my weight. Now he's watching me. He singletails the clamps to remove em but they are not falling off. I nearly feel human for a pont of time.
I don't care anymore. The de-humanization process is complete. I guess my cum-hole is the solely part of me that has survived. He asked me if I crave some enjoyment. I think I'm getting it whether I desire it or not. I'm scared when that guy starts to work the sex toy. My predicament has lastly settled down. Please don't make me move my legs.
He makes me cum quick. I am surprised animal play the speed with which I explode, spray and separate into pieces. It's an invasion of joint ache, pressure against the floor, my limbs instinctively jerking and fighting the noose. I have no subjugate over the joy. And there is no thing else.

Original FileName: 20011130 - 101's Live Feed (From February 12, 2001) (101)

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101s Live Feed - InSex

101s Live Feed - InSex

101s Live Feed - InSex

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101s Live Feed - InSex

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