Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power play ache heavy pd enema 912 insexarchives

Master is always full of surprises. Like tonight, when this chab comes home with a big, mellow pumpkin in hand.

"Trick or treat?" this chab whispers devilishly, pulling harshly animal play my lengthy ponytail.

Gagged already, I shrug my shoulders, as if I have any choice in the matter. As if I ever have a choice when he’s in this kind of mood.

He encloses my ankles and wrists in phat metal wristlets, makes me sit on the floor restrained that way. Delicately, that guy slices open the tough, orange skin, bumpers out it is mushy insides. In an equally meticulous manner this chab carves out the face: slanted eyes, a taunting, wide grin.

"You like your costume?" this guy asks, holding the thing up so I can receive a more good look animal play it. Or it can acquire a more good look animal training me, greater quantity likely. I feel it is blank stare piercing throughout my suit. Hideous, mocking giggles escape it is five-toothed face hole.

Face flushed, I reluctantly nod my affirmation. Humiliated by a pumpkin, I think to myself, what else is planned for tonight?

And pretty soon sufficiently I discover out. It’s now my turn to be crafted, sculpted, and hollowed out. Late into the night that guy torments me, like I’m in some scary clip, unsure of how it will end.

He pays close attention to my pointer sisters. Pulls me up by em and stands back to see as I dangle there in anguish. Then that guy ties me down to a table. I cannot struggle whilst this chab uses my sore, bruised pantoons as pincushions. Casually, this chab plunges one needle after the next into the soft, delicate flesh. The blood trickling from my wounds doesn’t slow him down a bit.

Finally, the pumpkin is brought out anew, thrust like a veil over my tear-stained face. Utterly exhausted, drained, my limber body is mounted onto a wooden cross. He uses the flagellate, painting lengthy red lashes all over my pale, sensitive skin.

"Happy Halloween," this guy sings out, thrashing me mercilessly one last time. And I smile wide and bright, lighting up the vacant spaces in my pumpkin face.
Original FileName: 20020227 - Pumpkin Queen (Live Feed From November 3, 2001) HARD (Precious)

Format: real

Duration: 1:22:59

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Pumpkin Queen Live Feed RAW Precious - InSex

Pumpkin Queen Live Feed RAW Precious - InSex

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Pumpkin Queen Live Feed RAW Precious - InSex

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