Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying dominance and submission suffering coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

Introduction to f0rced breathing

I sat down stripped on the wood chair in the midst of the studio, feet cold but room warm, feeling concerned. I am curious as to what PD has decided to do with me this evening. I wonder how much torture I will go throughout to please him, can I do what that guy asks of me? How much ache will pay the price of my freedom?
PD walked up to me with a slow stride and a half smile, looking animalism my meek body fumbling in the chair. I looked up and him and blushed, confused by my impolite fidgeting, hoping that this guy didn't notice.
He gently shoved me back into the chair, lightly running his fingers along the back of my arms and started to bind me with thick darksome rope. I inhaled deeply as that guy started to tightly bind my arms behind me, arching my back in advance of submitting to my last position, I knew that guy would keep me here for a whilst.
Again this chab smiled and tickled my love bubbles with the rope as this guy moved towards binding my legs. The rope felt taut and nice. It creaked as I moved and laughed animal play me as PD fastened me tighter. He widen my haunches very far apart and started to bind em. I could feel the heat center around my naked snatch now. Knowing that I was entirely bare for his personal viewing and subdue started to make me juicy.
He leaned over to me and told softly into my ear, "now, there is no escape." I felt the blood rush to my face and my nipps harden with fun. I struggled in my taut binds and realized what this guy told was true. He was happy with my struggle and smiled anew. PD walked in front of me and bent close to my face. He took his warm hand and lightly placed it underneath my chin, making me look up animal training him. He told very quietly, "You like this, don't u. Hmm?" My face turned red in degradation, and I lazily nodded with a miniature grin on my face, feeling my snatch throb with joy.
"You know, I can think of smth that would make u feel even better." PD looked animal play me and turned around to his equipment and gear collection, obscuring my view of what this guy was selecting. He turned around with smth behind him and walked to the back of my chair. I was very curious what that guy had selected. All that I knew was that it made jingling and clinking noises.

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Azs Live Feed - InSex

Azs Live Feed - InSex

Azs Live Feed - InSex

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Azs Live Feed - InSex