Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage dominance and submission torment intense pd enema 912 insexarchives

You. Over there. You don't think I can watch u, but I know you're there.
Come closer. Come on. Don't be such a baby.
That's more good, isn't it? Yes. Take a worthwhile lengthy look.
Don't worry. I won't hurt u. How can I? I can't even stop what's happening to me, much less damage u. But what u watch frightens u, doesn't it? Yet you're fascinated. You can't stop watching. And yeah. Admit it.
You're aroused.
You like to watch me this way, an anonymous body, female, tied and put on display. You like this hood that disfigures me, that makes me appear less than human (perhaps greater quantity than human in an odd way). You like my fingers taped into my palm, my thumbs strung up. You fasten upon the predicament he's arranged for me. Which torment shall I myself apply?
Should I lower my arms? They pang. They throb. He hoisted em above my head, but this chab didn't bind em in place, a luxury I would gladly accept animal training this point. No. He created for me a pivot, a balancing point, attaching the end of the cord to the clamps that gnash and gnaw into my nipps.
When I raise my thumbs higher, the anguish of my nipps is eased. But my arms droop as the seconds pass, cuz gravity has become my enemy, and my arms are losing blood. And my attention spins up and down, back and forth from my nipps to my thumbs, but almost any of all, back to my snatch, my "nether lips" as they say in all the porn stories that I discover somehow hilarious.
I discover the stories a matter of joke cuz this is it. What you're seeing is the real thing. And I'm living it.
He squeezed greater amount masticating clamps onto my labia. They are horribly taut, torturously so. To those, that guy attached my toes, making me arch my feet backward to save myself an increment of anguish.
I am off balance. I am reeling from my assorted pains. They grow all animalism one time from a hush into a blood-chilling wash of sound, flushing my skin and muscles with white light. And my mind drops. It plunges like granite into the black, juicy opening of dismay, my perfectly erotic fantasy.
I hear myself cry. Tears juicy my cheeks inside this thick leather hood. And I try to stop, coz I know this is what that guy wishes, and I don't wish to give it to him. But now he's won.
He removes my hood.
I don't look animal training him. I turn my face to search for u. Go ahead. Look animal play me. Stare. Eat me up, piece by piece.
After all, that's what u came for. And I. . .well. I got what I wanted.
I have been reminded what it feels like to be alive.

Original FileName: 20010304 - Violet's Live Feed August 12 ROUGH (Violet)

Format: real

Duration: 1:19:48

Video: 160x120, RV20

Audio: 31kbps

Violets Live Feed RAW - InSex

Violets Live Feed RAW - InSex

Violets Live Feed RAW - InSex

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Violets Live Feed RAW - InSex

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