Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying pain play punishment coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

She fascinates me, so juvenile and elemental, as though she's made from a refined substance. She appears to be easy, yet I sense her to be so beyond my ken. I watch her elegant limbs as circumcised from ivory. I am drawn to the soft, supple flesh of her billibongs. I see, mesmerized, animal training the puckering of skin when her teats upright. And even though I have fastened her to my ottoman with her legs held high and apart in mid-air, even though I am the one who controls her movement, her torture and enjoyment, her very breath, this miniature and gentle creature controls me by her mysteriousness. She is the one that captures my mind and my want. She draws me along in her wake.
I need to learn her secrets. Because this babe tempts me so blatantly by her essence. But 1st, that babe need to be cleansed, purified
I purge her butt with milk, white, creamy, mixing with the rarefied foam of her slit. I throttle her with a noose until this babe looses dominate, urinating on herself, executing a tender dance of strangulation as this babe struggles to stay on her toes.

Tight corsetry. Restricting leather pressing female skin. I use lacing to shape her. I make her body mine. Rope creasing her flesh, rope tracing her love muffins, and rope pulled tightly throughout her crotch. I move her in and out of the silence and confinement of a diminutive, black box, to the over-stimulation of ropes, dildoes, a-hole plugs, labia clamps, mouth-widening rings and gags. I claim all of her holes. I wish to crack her open. I wish to eat her out from the inside, this velvet soft creature that I have taken for my own.

And this babe gives herself to me. Everything, cuz what I do to her is beyond her comprehension. Her darksome teats go constricted from the cord that I have wound about em, attaching weights to stretch em down. Her pink bawdy cleft emits a fragrance greater quantity heady than cloves. Her rectal hole is a sphincter that unfurls for me like a rose. And her slit. Ah, her cookie, the majority desirable of all.

In my fantasies, I watch her face composed and calm, her body tied, her eyes staring up animal training me throughout water. This is where I have left her to sleep, silent, unmoving, breathing water.

Original FileName: 20010510 - Tyler Scot's Training (Tyler)

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Tyler Scots Training - InSex

Tyler Scots Training - InSex

Tyler Scots Training - InSex

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Tyler Scots Training - InSex

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