Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power exchange pain intense pd enema 912 insexarchives

The Live Feed starts with 731 in containment, a metal box that is fairly roomy by Insex standards. She can sit up and fully straighten her legs. The front opening of the box is overspread with a metal grate. 731 pees into a metal pan, the hiss of her urine patters against metal. Her wrists are chained to the upper corners of the grate. Her ankles are chained to the lower corners. Her clitoris is stroked in deft fondles with a miniature artist’s paintbrush. Her love button hood ring distends the flesh slightly. Her labia trail downward. 731’s lips are loose, her eyes drowsy, shuddering in tiny shudders with every wank of the brush.

Then this babe is handcuffed in the same position on master of the box, sitting, her legs and arms widen. The lengthy darksome seam that hides her genitals runs vertically betwixt her haunches, like a wound. A wide collar is buckled onto her neck. Throughout the evening, the collar will be incrementally tightened to restrict air intake. A ball gag is put into her face hole, causing further distress. 731 is very game animal play this point, ready to take anything this guy metes out. A gold chain is threaded throughout the hood ring and slid back and forth, gently stimulating her clitoris. Her teat is locked to her love button. The paintbrush dabs animal training her snatch once more. The love button hardens, shiny and swelled. The brush moves up to her teat, nudging it back and forth softly. The sex tool makes an early appearance, blurring the love button ring as it oscillates against the head of the sex tool. 731’s eyes are dreamy.

She is bent over on her knees with her head on the box, holding her arse cheeks wide, showing her sphincter. A rubber-gloved finger plunges into her aperture and retracts. In. Out. An wazoo plug is shoved inside, lube running in a slick trail down across her fur pie and clitoris. She is manacled into the same position anew and the collar about her neck is tightened. High heels are slipped onto her feet. A plastic bag is worked over her head and fastened off around her neck. The dildo returns. The plastic bag collapses against her face with every breath. As that babe comes, that babe coughs, ejecting the gazoo plug. He tightens the collar once more. She chokes, her voice now high and taut from the affect of the collar. Her ankles are raised higher so that her backdoor is seen too. Her wet crack is shiny with lube, the wavy margins of her snatch having grown obese and luscious.

She is standing and wearing a corset, the collar, and the heels. Her wrists and elbows are fastened tightly behind her back. Clamps are attached to her teats and hard weights drag em downward. Hooks pull the corners of her face hole wide, creating a grotesque smile, like the grimace of a corpse. A nose hook is bound above. Her knees and ankles are thonged jointly. 731 becomes dizzy and unresponsive. It appears that the combination of corset, collar, and hooks on her face have lastly bettered her give a decision. He sits her on a chair and removes the corset and the clamps.

She is placed back into the metal box and her head is pulled upward throughout a gap in the dom and locked in place. Her face is slapped with a wooden ruler. Flexible tubing is poked up her nose into the back of her mouth. Forceps reach into her throat, fishing about. The catheter end is clutched and pulled out. It is then f0rced up into the other nostril. This is pulled out of her throat likewise. When it is finished, the dark catheter crosses from nostril to nostril across her septum. The 2 ends protrude from her face hole. Thick metal rings are locked around her neck one after one more, stacked, stretching her neck. A unfathomable jock gag is thrust into her face hole and mouth, and the nose hook pulls her nostrils upward afresh.

She is belted spread-eagle to a big metal grate. The grate is suspended. She is flogged. Her lips and face scrunch as this babe deals with the suffering. Then a rod comes out. Her cries escalate. She tries to slide away, but can’t move an inch. 731 sobs. Cruel blows resound throughout her body, taking a second or greater amount to fully register. When the pang lastly hits, that babe is swamped. No greater quantity kind dabs with the soft bristles of the paintbrush. She takes several greater amount severe hits, the waves washing over her. The a-hole plug is ejected. A bullwhip is added to the mix. After the rod, this babe not quite appears to sigh with every “kiss” of the singletail.

Original FileName: 20030912 - 731 (Live Feed From January 6, 2003) (731)

Format: real

Duration: 1:22:18

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

731 Live Feed - InSex

731 Live Feed - InSex

731 Live Feed - InSex

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731 Live Feed - InSex

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