Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power exchange suffering coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

I desire to do what I crave to do. I don’t need no loud face hole, spoiled disobedient slave telling me what to do. I crave somebody who won’t wench and groan all the time making me miserable! And I make sure that babe understands this! I crave what I wish ! When I resolve to spend some time with her, if that babe complains about everything, I’ll put her aside with the others until this babe shuts her large face hole up!

20010222 - 112's RawFeed (From February 21) (112)

Format: real

Duration: 1:07:38

Video: 160x120, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

112s RawFeed - InSex

112s RawFeed - InSex

112s RawFeed - InSex

File size: 109.2 MB

112s RawFeed - InSex