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Studio: Insex Archives

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He classifies it as "post surrender", I not ever knew what it was.

As far back as I can remember, I always had dreams of *. The thoughts of a vigorous struggle, followed by the humiliation of defeat, plus the last feeling of utter helplessness were an bizarre physical and emotional turn on for me. I thoroughly have a fun the confinement tying provides, but the tremendous rush that I acquire from the struggle is likewise part of the erotic allure. I am naturally slave, but have a fun the defiance of being f0rced into the role. I indeed have a fun being dominated and punished, but feel that an swap of force get to take place 1st. I not at any time give myself to somebody, I have to be physically taken.

We began with rope, elbows bent behind my back. I felt the need to show him that it was not substantial sufficiently. I worked cleverly to untie the knot and work my way free. We tried a second tie, which was equally insufficient. He then switched to leather belts, which were greater amount comfortable, and I make no doubt of allowed him to bow my arms greater quantity securely out of the risk of me doing some real harm to myself during the struggle. He threw me down on the mattress and began to fight to bind my ankles, another time with the leather belts. I fought. I fought intense, but in the end, this guy won. I was tied bare on the mattress with the exception of my white cotton socks. He then removed my socks, and demanded I open my throat. I refused. I have a very big jaw and can accommodate lots of things in my face hole, but animal play that pont of time I did not wish the sock there. He persisted to push the sock in. The sock was very dry and raw to manipulate with my tongue, but I managed, I always do. As that guy wrapped the tape around my face, I began to laugh, as I poked the sock further out of my lips. I don't think that that guy knew what to think. I think that Pd is used to the uncomplaining adult baby sub whores that take anything this chab can dish out out of objections. I knew animalism that pont of time, this was going to be joy. We were going to play my way. He f0rced the sock further into my face hole and applied lots of tape. I was able to struggle, but not free myself.
He had spoke of using the stockade, but I had no idea what that involved. He came toward me with a tree branch and several pieces of hardware. A large metal c- shaped piece was slipped behind my neck, then attached with nuts animalism either side. My wrists were then attached to either end of the branch in the same fashion. He then began working on my ankles, attaching a second branch as a spreader bar. I was able to move some, but the greater quantity I struggled, the greater amount the branch pressing my neck tight my airflow. This hurt, but animal training the same time the dizziness the airflow limit caused was giving me a twisted raunchy high. I struggled for a whilst in this position, and that guy wanted me to say smth. I make no doubt of the word this chab wanted to hear from me was "please". I didn't desire to say it. He was making me crazy. I struggled for a whilst, the anger subsided, and when I discovered it difficult to fight I lastly told the word.

I was then positioned on my back, stockade still in place. I could not move to either side. The branches prevented me from doing so. The solely fight that I could produce was some wriggling of my body. Pd then bound my nipps to the branch with thin pieces of suede string. As I struggled my nipps were pulled very tightly upward, causing suffering. I love it when it hurts so worthwhile. He then introduced me to some other branch. This one was sharpened animal play the end. He poked my haunches apart and inserted it. I was angry. I wanted to resist, but couldn't. I was animal training his lenience. He positioned the vibrating wand on my love button. I didn't desire to have an agonorgasmos, but after about 45 seconds of the heavy vibrations, I knew that I would be f0rced to in any case. The greater amount I wriggled to receive away from the vibrations, the further I f0rced the branch into my juicy fur pie. I don't remember how many orgasms I had. Looking back, even just now following it all, it was a blur. I know that I had animal training least four, maybe five indeed hard mind blowing orgasms. He cuddled with me and whispered smth about keeping me this way all night. I wondered how many orgasms I could actually take.

I am coming to New York for a live feed. He craves to interrogate me. Following the questioning, we will play. He says that this chab can break me. I say "Bring it on..."!!!

Original FileName: 20010406 - 1020 - Bring it On (Teaser) (Live Feed From April 12) (1020)

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1020 - Bring it On Teaser Live Feed - InSex

1020 - Bring it On Teaser Live Feed - InSex

1020 - Bring it On Teaser Live Feed - InSex

1020 - Bring it On Teaser Live Feed - InSex

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1020 - Bring it On Teaser Live Feed - InSex