Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying pain play torment coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

Endurance is my master’s joy for a carnival of naughty delights. My servitude nearly defies life. To surrender is to ignore that voice inside your head that is urging u to run out of the room. And it takes all my strength not to run.

Endurance is time stopped previous to me as I anticipate your next move. The rod poised previous to me like the hand of the clock. I can feel the blood pump and splash into my heart cavity in advance of every wank of the rod. My heart stops and pops like a bubble as the pliant flesh wraps around the rod. The blood rushes back and forth from the point of contact; blood thick with salt running over an open wound.

Now time slides throughout me like sand. Am I having joy yet? Two greater amount hours until show time and I’m already panting like a sick dog. This isn’t real, I’m thinking. My mind keeps situating itself around my cunt and my love muffins; the 2 areas almost all sensitive to pang. I am silently begging for your leniency. That is the leniency of a hundred and 50 chaps, every wanting a bite of my flesh. I wish to lop off my love muffins and tuck my love button away so u can’t torment me there.

But u already have me dismembered: titties, bawdy cleft, neck and arms. And the ropes gulp me entire, pulling my flesh back and offering my bones to the cold floor. Make me squirm about on the concrete floor for a cigarette if it pleases u. Each puff is worth a adult baby bruise on a bone.

Now you’ve got my throat and face hole. You’ve left my body parts strewn about the room all dirtied up. Now you’ve discovered a gap to play with! Go ahead and watch how much life I have if it pleases u. It’s all joy and games. A plastic bag fastened around my tied and gagged head feels like being screwed in the face hole. You know exactly where the air stops. It stops in plastic sucked to my eyeballs.

Show time’s here and I am an empty shell. My flesh has been scooped out and served onto a platter. Now you’re going to play with my mind. My slavemaster is an apparition waving his magic wand. He has captured the very essence of torture. It is pure and crisp; pins being dragged throughout your flesh. And it lights up every rope burn and scratch on the skin like a blue flame.

Original FileName: 20010424 - 101's December Live Feed (101) (1)

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Duration: 31:15

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101s December Live Feed - InSex

101s December Live Feed - InSex

101s December Live Feed - InSex

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101s December Live Feed - InSex