Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying power exchange soreness hard pd enema 912 insexarchives

I have to admit, I love my top. I love him for disciplining, teaching, and nurturing me into the restraint bondage bitch that I am this day. In each pont of time of my life I lengthy for his permission, wanting so much to hear him say "Good job", or "I am proud of you". I have no greater gratification then I do in these moments.

My corporalist has likewise given me a unparalleled opportunity, the chance to share my recent love of BD/SM with others who share my excitement.
When I am almost any aroused is when I am performing for a live feed. Just knowing how many people are watching my bare body receive tortured is nearly sufficiently to make me cum.

During live shows I often imagine that all the viewers are right there in the room with me, caning their raw knobs until they cum all over my face, in my face hole, and on my booty. In my dream, after I am absolutely saturated with cock juice Cybil, XTC, and Violet rub it all over my body, in my eyes and hair. Paying particular attention to my milk cans, they give every a firm squeeze with each pass. Tugging roughly on my teats, every of their tongues fight furiously to rid my body of the layers of jism. Ocasionaly, a tongue or finger slips into my open and desirous face hole and vagina. They merely succeed in adding saliva to the huge accumulation of cream. So PD wraps me in Celophane and leaves me to dry to a mellow, crusty state.

My greatest pont of time in any scene is always when I ask, "May I cum?" and the answer is, "Yes". In that pont of time as the waves of enjoyment pulse throughout my body and my love button throbs uncontrollably, it is not the agonorgasmos that satisfies me so. It is having my dom say, "Yes" and out of saying everything further telling me, "You have done a priceless job, u merit this reward". I know in that pont of time that I have glad my taskmaster, and that is the greatest gratification I have ever known.

Thank u PD, may I have one more?

Original FileName: 20010131 - Cowtest (Cowgirl) (1)

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Cowtest (1) - InSex

Cowtest (1) - InSex

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Cowtest (1) - InSex

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