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The cage was a serious and rough experience for me. It is the 1st restraint bondage scenario I have done where I acceded to let PD come to a conclusion when I have had sufficiently. Looking back, I doubt safety words would have helped my cause in any case. Yet, in my mind it made all the difference.

Fear is the word I need to use. Fear growing into dread and dread greater quantity like dismay. You need to make it slow so u can forget. To slow down your mind is not that difficult animalism 1st. In the cage anything is slow: soreness, time and how the concrete drifts and bows like it rests upon a warm, sea. Just don't look up and gaze likewise lengthy animal play the bars; try not to remember where u are.

One hour is a euphoric fun. A enormous swan-sway in a thick pool. Weight upon weight; I sensed the kewl metal come into me. I let my self fall throughout the incoming numbness. My arse, being the center of squick, was the final to go. It was being stubborn and f0rced me to linger around a whilst longer. My self was stuck in my arse whilst swan-hood hovered just above. I wanted to shit it out.

Two hours and I start to receive a smack. Is this pang? Just the starting of cramps and bruises. Wake up now, ache is here. Since it's also much all animal training one time, take account of the disgust in every body part systematically. Do it slow and do not think.

And please do not look animal training me. I won't engulf in my gut for u anymore. Do u think I'm admiring my grand, motherly folds? That I've just been awaiting for an excuse to hang my head down towards my cum-hole all day? You're moving around and around me, up my crotch, like I'm a circus freak. Don't look animal play me.

The 3rd hour is transcendence. I am f0rced to accept my ache. My flesh has nicely settled in to the nooks of the grainy, chipped bars. My flesh rips off these bars in a cold heat. And so sluggishly does the moistening flesh slip towards the ground. Slow sufficiently to proceed the bruising process.

Don't look animalism me now, weeping. Crying for myself and my suffering. I let go and the cage came animal play me fast on all sides. Sensory overload. Large tears slid down the cracks of my marangos and over the folds. I watched em ooze. This is not ache. It's a high pitched throb of a tuning fork. One unceasing body pulse methodically shoving the tears out of my face.

Four hours equals fear. I look down and watch a guy reclining just below the cage. He's like a guy relaxing in the grass after a picnic, prolapsed animalism the clouds. His eyes are wide, his face blank and this chab is looking animal play me. I realize that guy has been staring animalism my tortured a-hole shift about for some time. He has been listening to my pathetic babbling and sobbing and this guy has done no thing. Now is when I cannot go further. Every part of me rejects his stare and I implore to be let out.

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101s Test - InSex

101s Test - InSex

101s Test - InSex

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101s Test - InSex

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