Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying power play soreness heavy pd enema 912 insexarchives

Seven acquires soaked in her second live feed with the assist of fresh resident spacegirl and PD’s latest unmerciful invention.

Seductively attired in hawt panties, a reservoir dom and heels, that babe struts around the studio like a seasoned streetwalker. PD manhandles her to the floor, rendering her powerless with zipties and a cloth gag. She languishes in different restraint bondage poses for the remainder of the pre-feed whilst PD messes with her mind and lazily undresses away all her raiment.

After 3 lengthy hours have passed, it’s time for seven to acquire some exercise. Ropes binding her love bubbles and arms are secured to a pulley above, anchoring her to the treadmill. Feet arched in tall heels, this babe gracefully strides, keeping up a steady pace. She then laces on her sneakers for a faster run. Voluptuous love muffins bounce, face flushes, and breathing quickens as the speed increases.

Fettered to a table, spacegirl suggests the exhausted jogger a seat and licks her perspired snatch clean.

On her back, seven is strapped down to a metal chair for some unequalled breath play. PD turns her colon into a breathing bag, pumping air into her a-hole and f0rcing her to inhale it throughout a lengthy catheter.

Next seven is fastened to a wooden X for a brutal striking. PD warms her up with a paddle and captains daughter then begins with a petite rod. She barely flinches as the rattan contacts her tough flesh; PD need to resort to greater amount severe implements. Seven shows determination and fortitude through as this guy proceeds to wallop her swollen, lacerated gazoo.

In the last scene, seven is the favourable test subject for PD’s waterwheel. Once this babe is thonged down tightly, the wheel is let loose, spinning downward to dunk her entire body in a reservoir of water. PD has some enjoyment with his fresh equipment, rotating it animal play his whim and torturing the submerged, terrified sufferer with the dreaded copper wand and a rod on the feet.

In the end, spacegirl is awarded a collar for her dedication and service animal training Insex. Brave, gorgeous seven, on the other hand, is spared her life after facing her worst nightmare.

Original FileName: 20021127 - Wet (Live Feed From November 20th) (Seven, Spacegirl)

Format: real

Duration: 1:26:33

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Wet Live Feed Seven, Spacegirl - InSex

Wet Live Feed Seven, Spacegirl - InSex

Wet Live Feed Seven, Spacegirl - InSex

File size: 141.1 MB

Wet Live Feed Seven, Spacegirl - InSex

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