Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power play pain intense pd enema 912 insexarchives

Trailings is a compilation of slices, brief views as though throughout a window. The focus is restraint bondage. The medium is flesh.

The 1st is tied in a wrist and ankle bondage, still dressed in jeans, sneakers and taut dominant. The ankles keep tension on a rope that is wound about her neck. She struggles, growing pale as time passes. A pulley is lowered. The rope that attaches her ankles to her neck is raised, creating a curved bend to her body and a faint blue about her eyes and throat.

She is put up on her knees. The ropes pull her neck backward, jutting out her chest. Her dominant is lifted and brassiere pulled down. Her nipps are yanked and tweaked. Her jeans, unzipped, shove down to her knees. Blue satin underclothes. He slaps her face. She coughs repeatedly, pale and white.

She is nude and bent over, wobbling in heels, wrists fastened to knees. A rope about her waist and hooked to the pulley keeps her on her feet. Her neck and hair are tied to the pulley, her pale mouth bared. A crotch rope pulled taut lifts her butt. He milks her bumpers and caresses her cunt, bunched into a fleshy mass. The spanking begins. Her thin, juvenile body squirms. Reddened piece of wazoo.

Lying on her back, her arms folded above her head backward and fastened to a rope animalism her upper back. Ankles tied to upper hips. She writhes about. Her white skin, milky haunches.

A four-by-four post. She is stripped. Her wrists bound high above her head, a box underneath every foot. These are taken away so that that babe hangs by her wrists. But that babe is rock hard, a beautifully muscled body. She wraps her haunches about the post, worming upward. He beats her arse with a rod. Each nipp is bound off and stretched toward the floor. A plug is fucked into her throat. A rope fixes her neck to the post. Folding her legs back and upward, they are tied to the post. No struggle anymore, just hanging.

She is in jeans and a dominant, one calf fastened to her haunch. Her arms tied behind her back, her face hole stuffed and taped. She writhes, her milk cans bizarre in size and roundness, shoved outward as though proffered. She is made to stand on her unbound foot and hooked to the pulley. She hops about. Her mounds are lifted out, these flour-white shapes. They make u desire to chew, to gnaw.

She is nude and standing, her ankles and toes bound tightly. The rope about her waist makes her shapely, the crotch rope constricted and slitting. Her arms are fastened out of the way. What else could be done with these love bubbles but to squeeze em betwixt thick pieces of dowel. This solely makes em more good, rounder. One thinks of em served for dinner, the centerpiece of a platter. She is hoisted onto her tiptoes. She grows concerned and upset. Her zeppelins, strangely, appear to grow bigger, like they solely wish to please, to leap into your throat.

Metal stocks hold her hips wide. Her wrists are locked into the far ends of the stocks. Her neck is chained and locked on. She is in garter thong, nylons, and heels. Yet her body appears to be greater amount mechanism than female. The thin, rippled slivers of her twat set off the shine of her piercing. A u-bolt is locked into her face hole. The cattle prod encourages her to worm about this way and that until resting her cookie on the toe of his boot.

She is pulled onto her back, widen and accessible, a thick, velvety twat. A big probe is inserted and opened. Her pussy becomes a widened throat with metal lips. Small clothespins bite into creamy flesh, her interior hips and cookie. He smacks the bottoms of her feet with a rod. She looks to have a pipe gap to the snatch. The clothespins are removed not fast, cruelly as this guy fingers her love button.

She is on her knees, her lower legs belted to four-by-fours. Arms are behind in strappado. A enormous collar is tightened about her neck. A sex toy goes in, thonged in place, providing a dominate for ease of use. Her meatballs are flogged. She cries and screams. Clamps pinch her teats. Weights added one by one create a enormous sag. She sinks downward.

Original FileName: 20031015 - Trailings (828, 130, Erika, 49)

Format: real

Duration: 47:37

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Trailings 828, 130, Erika, 49 - InSex

Trailings 828, 130, Erika, 49 - InSex

Trailings 828, 130, Erika, 49 - InSex

File size: 77.5 MB

Trailings 828, 130, Erika, 49 - InSex