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"Guilty," boomed the voice of the judge.

She thought this guy yawned then. She thought his fingers looked like worms, muddy, indecent. She execrated him. She abhored.

"Fuck you!"

She hadn’t known that babe was going to shriek. It surprised her greater amount than it did her handlers. She tried to knock down her handlers another time, using the beam, but they were likewise quick.

"Fuck u and your goddamn fucking. . ." But they’d grabbed her. She fought.

"Send her to Retraining," this chab told, waving his hand as though that babe were no thing but a fly. And this babe had been pestering him. "And it is the judgment of this court that even after retraining, that this subject will always be a danger to The Order." He shifted, folding his arms and measuring her. "She’ll be sold as a sex-slave afterward. Her selling price forfeited to the state as payment for her education."

"And for her outburst," this guy told, his eyes bright, much also interested in her, also familiar, "Flog the bitch." He sat down, leaning forward, a miniature smile on his lips as his eyes locked onto hers. "Now," this chab told. "No mercy."

He leaned back. "Entertain me."

" Time for dad to clean u up." He kissed her another time and poked her head away. "Such a messy girl." He grabbed hold of a pantyhose and nozzle. "We know what to do with impure girls."

They bald her clean. And all the whilst, the fellow played with her breasts.

They made a sudden turn into a big room. In this room one more woman waited, locked in a cage similar to hers. And this babe wore the same kind of collar riveted on her neck.

The handlers taunted her. They pointed to the other beauty. "See?" They told. "She knows how to keep her trap shut." Then they stared back animal training her.

"Slaves have no voice, no rights. Slaves have no thing. They ARE nothing."

The handler smack her with a riding crop. "Make love to her," this guy told. "Pleasure her. Show me what a valuable sex bondman u have become."

She was shocked. And this babe swayed. She could hardly stand in the shoes they’d put on her feet, so when they let go of her, this babe fell against the other woman. She clung to her. And the woman’s skin, in natures garb, warm, soft, filled her mind. She forgot about anything else. Only the nice skin, her warmth, her eyes, so kind.

"Suck her tits."

The lunge whip circumcised into her gazoo. Once, twice.

The tied woman nodded to her, as though to say, don’t worry. It’s all right.

So that babe allowed her lips to trail along the skin above the woman’s breast. She moved her fingers down her sides, caressing. So precious. So much delight. She kissed the teat, feeling it tighten.

The lash bit into her.

And so they started beating, 1st the other woman, and then her. A microphone was placed in front of every of their face holes, so if either of em screamed from the suffering, the other woman would acquire an electrical shock from the lengthy speculum that had been taped inside of her. And so every tried not to shriek. She bit her tongue until it , but it didn’t assist. She couldn’t stop her screams. Nor could the woman beside her.

But that babe had a subdue near one of her hands. It controlled the piston that went in and out of the other woman. And that woman had a similar rule near her hand.

She screwed the other woman. She gained tremendous enjoyment from fucking her. And the other woman toyed with her in ingenious ways. Her eyes grew bright with passion animal play listening to her groans of delight.

They fastened her and the woman jointly. Flesh to flesh. They were encouraged to touch as much as they were able. And they were given sextoys.

They touched, fondled. It was the pont of time of happiness brought on by months of preparation. And they used the marital-devices, but kept edging em away, making it go on and on. Making it linger. She would have made it final forever. But when the handlers saw what they were doing, the whips started, and that babe couldn’t bear to hear her ally whipped. So that babe finished it. She made the woman come. And her heart stopped. The woman’s screams of joy were her screams. And later, even after it was over, and that babe was moved out of the retraining facility, this babe could hear the screams over and over.

They brought her a dangerous kind of happiness.

He came back. The judge. Not lengthy after that day, this babe was taken from her cage and a number was scrawled across her back. She was sold, crated, and delivered.

He uses her now whenever it pleases him, even when this guy sits in his chair and passes judgment. She kneels betwixt his legs, his rod in her throat, engulfing.

Original FileName: 20020313 - The Trial (Live Feed from October 7, 2001) (411, YX)

Format: real

Duration: 55:19

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

The Trial Live Feed 411, YX - InSex

The Trial Live Feed 411, YX - InSex

The Trial Live Feed 411, YX - InSex

The Trial Live Feed 411, YX - InSex

The Trial Live Feed 411, YX - InSex

File size: 90.7 MB

The Trial Live Feed 411, YX - InSex

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