Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage dominance and submission punishment coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

Long, lean 1201 spends an evening in the Insex barn and returns for a second dose of torment the following afternoon.

Her ordeal starts in a cold, hay-strewn cow stall. Chained to a wall with a metal helmet weighing heavily on her head, this babe changes poses frequently, finding that the tying leaves adult baby room for comfort.

PD adds to the dilemma, cinching her feet into skinny points and fixing thumbs to wrists with pantyhose clamps. Attempting to remove her raiment, that babe wriggles; every movement is agonizing.

PD ties her widen arms overhead and undresses off her miniature shorts and white pants. She does a dance in rock-filled sneakers, kicking her flabby legs high in the air.

Her lithe body is stretched into an X with rope wrapped around thumbs and large toes. Helpless, this babe shrieks when PD applies * to her sensitive love tunnel and teats. As the painful heat builds, PD allows her to elect the target for his captains daughter: armpit, cookie, or tit. She cries in torment as that guy strikes the designated spots.

Stimulated with the marital-device, that babe comes violently: body undulates, legs quiver.

She is next pressed into a small cage, which is dropped down into a aperture in the ground. A metal door slams shut above, leaving 1201 surrounded in darkness. Isolated, this babe silently waits in anxiety for PD to activate the stim in her butt. She wails in anguish every time the startling shocks attack. Her terror mounts as the minutes pass.

The torments resume the next day. Returned to the gap, 1201 is restrained in the cage with wrist and ankle manacles and a metal collar and waist thong. Piercing screams echo from underneath as this babe is another time stung with painful electric shocks. Tears stream down her fear-stricken face.

Released from the cage, this babe is f0rced to build a pile of rocks. Lugging stones across a grassy field, this babe stumbles over her shackled, nude feet.

The outdoor pleasure proceeds. She is fastened to a wooden post with arms fastened over the back, tiptoes resting on a petite metal platform. PD sprays her dirt-smeared skin clean with phat water from a garden pantyhose then ties one leg up animal training her side. Her labia is stretched with a clothespin attached to a cord that extends to her lifted toe. She need to keep her leg bent to avoid pulling the clothespin off. Cow bells hanging from her clamped teats jingle as Mr. Pogo is thrust in and out of her quivering wet crack.

PD let us the lifted leg down and binds the other, bending it behind her. He tortures her feet with the rod and hawt flames then flogs her melons and cunt. Securely trussed and vulnerable, 1201 cries out unabashedly, her shrieks reverberating throughout the warm country air.

Original FileName: 20020828 - The Hole (1201)

Format: real

Duration: 59:29

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

The Hole 1201 - InSex

The Hole 1201 - InSex

The Hole 1201 - InSex

The Hole 1201 - InSex

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The Hole 1201 - InSex