Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying power play punishment coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

Young 828 finds herself in a entire lot of trouble in those dizzying discharges.

She is 1st subjected to some strenuous restraint bondage poses, wrapped tightly in Matt’s inescapable ties. Seated on a wooden box, her crossed legs are fastened jointly and arms are pulled taut behind her back.

Her skinny waist and lengthy, thin arms invite leather. Laced up in a corset and arm binder, this babe balances on tiptoe, breathing throughout a pipe gag.

Still outfitted in corset, binder, and head restraint, this babe is hogtied and left to suffer in her harsh restraints.

Passed on to PD, 828 is handcuffed with ankles jointly and wrists overhead. Her tender feet straining in tall heels, that babe stumbles about, resistance play to maintain her balance. She is pulled up to into a wrist suspension then brought back down to the floor to straddle a chain that digs unfathomable into her stripped vagina. PD clamps her breasts and ties her tongue then flogs her cum-hole untill it is bright red.

Sir C shows no compassion when it’s her turn with 828. She pulls her recent gear into a suspension with lengthy, stockinged legs crossed and a tall metallic collar encasing her lengthy neck. Dangling midair, 828 is impaled on a metallic sex toy on a stand. The ropes supporting her are wound up so that this babe spins down on the sex toy when given away.

Dressed up in thigh-highs, a leather corset, and heels, this babe is reshaped with suction. Tits are pulled out to form constricted orbs and and labia are sucked and elongated. Clear liquid leaks into the tubes around her lengthy, tight nipps. After relishing in her captive’s anguish, Sir C allows her to remove the suction cups from her swollen, deformed melons and bawdy cleft. After making her supplicate, of course.

Sir C is having also much fun–she just has to play one greater quantity game with poor 828. Securing her arms overhead, Sir C affixes a clothespeg zipper to 828’s arms and belly. 828 need to keep her feet firmly planted on 2 weighted ropes to prevent the zipper from releasing. But with Sir C whipping her, that babe flinches and jerks away; quickly tearing a row of clothespins from her ivory flesh. Sir C does her a favour and yanks off the remainder of the zipper with one swift tug.

Original FileName: 20021016 - Spin (828's Training) (828)

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Spin 828s Training - InSex

Spin 828s Training - InSex

Spin 828s Training - InSex

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Spin 828s Training - InSex