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The travel is starting. I’m said to sit down on the floor as Master starts attaching me to a big, raw iron triangle. My ankles are squeezed painfully into the metal wristlets. I guess people indeed can be big-boned, cuz my feet are going numb by the time he’s secured the metal collar around my neck and the handcuffs on my wrists. He asks me to pull my legs out in front of me as far as I can. The pressure on my ankles causes me to wince, and I try to adjust my neck inside the collar — it’s so constricted.

After an hour of this torment, I am given away merely lengthy sufficiently to have him pull my legs into a constricted yoga position so this guy can tie my love bubbles to my ankles. I'm going from one grueling position to one more, and I languish in my own infirm misery for a whilst. I am another time untied, this time so I can stand, so that Master can handcuff my wrists behind my back, as well as put a leather thong attached to a rope on a pulley around my neck. I discover it’s raw to breathe, and even greater quantity difficult to drink. I stand on my toes to try and relieve some of the pressure, but in a short time I am asked to widen my legs.

Obediently, I do so just now, solely to discover this lowers me and makes getting air that much greater quantity difficult. Stubborn, I give a decision to stay with my legs widen for the whole 2 hours, merely moving to turn around and show people my juvenile body. I hear Master commanding me to bounce up and down to make my boobs shake. As I’m doing this I’m said to iterate, "I'm a restraint bondage titty slut." With a red face I do so, still bouncing, until Master has lastly stopped chuckling animal play me. I am abased. Two hours have passed, and now I'm said the real enjoyment is about to start.

My neck is given away from the thong and the braces are removed. Soon, Master is restraint bondage my wrists and arms tightly behind my back with a heavy rope. Completing this task, that guy tells me to squat down and take off my sneakers and socks. With my arms virtually useless, this is frustratingly difficult, but I lastly persevere. I look up animal play Master to watch if He is cheerful, but have no time, as I’m standing up and having my own indecent socks stuffed in from one side of the throat to the other. Clear plastic tape is wound around my head to secure the sock gag. Looking devious, Master says that I’ll be receiving a thrashing. Cringing, I try to prepare myself for what is to come, but pretty soon tears are running down my soft cheeks and landing on my flexible scones. I cry out into the gag as this chab strikes me repeatedly on my a-hole, hips, and on my mounds. I’ve merely had 2 other canings in advance of, so they are still overwhelming. However, I discover myself strangely aroused by the end of the thrashing.

The arousal mixes with curiosity as this chab tells me to lie down on my back and arms. This turns to anticipation as I watch Him secure leather belts around my ankles: an inverted suspension! I have to be being a worthwhile beauty, coz this is one of my beloved things to do, to just dangle and swing, the blood rushing to settle in my head. This feeling quickly evaporates as Master gives Sir Barry a single-tail and tells him to begin to work on me. Teasing me cruelly, Sir Barry makes the unmerciful dark lash crack wickedly in the air around me. I feel several rushes of nifty air and then snap! He strikes me sharply in one breast, then several greater amount times previous to switching to the other. Growing bored of that spot, this chab starts alternating strikes to my haunches, abdomen, love tunnel, and even my mouth, a 1st on Insex, this guy says. I'm crying, but anything is still animalism a level that I can comfortably subdue.

Master lowered me back down to the floor where this chab began preparing me for yet one more position. This time I am bound up with my legs widen apart during the time that I'm standing. The ropes for my legs are attached to the floor on contradictory sides of me. Two other ropes bound very tightly around my big mangos are secured to the ceiling on contrary sides. My billibongs are being pulled apart, and my balance is precarious. As a last touch, Master pulls my hair up so constricted I can feel some being pulled out, and attaches it to a pulley dangling from the ceiling. A red ball gag is produced and placed fully in my face hole. Within minutes my jaw is already sore, my titties are aching from being squeezed by the ropes, whilst my legs feel like they could buckle animal play any pont of time. I'm given away from this for a still greater defiance: an bizarre hog tie.

Earlier in the week, Master found that I have what could be considered an incredible arch in my back. He ties my arms Japanese-style, then instructs me to lie down on my belly and milk shakes on a wooden table. We have to work jointly to acquire me in such a constricted circle, and this guy is f0rced to tie the ropes very tightly to keep me that way. I desire I could watch what it looks like, I imagine my body is forming a consummate circle. Pressing into my back, my hands are poking against my organs, my body is virtually folded backwards, and it is not quite impossible to breathe. A metal gag holding my throat open made breathing that much greater quantity difficult, and showing leniency Master unties me. I'm said that a f0rced big o is coming. I just had my 1st one 2 days agone from Master, and it was so intensive that it’s not quite intimidating. To make things greater amount nerve-racking, I'll have my upper-body submerged beneath a reservoir of water. I’m holding my breath; this could be even greater amount overwhelming than in advance of, and I hadn’t thought that possible.

20021009 - Piglet's Debut (Live Feed From December 9, 2001) (Piglet)

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Piglets Debut Live Feed - InSex

Piglets Debut Live Feed - InSex

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Piglets Debut Live Feed - InSex

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