Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying power exchange torment coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

So kind of PD to share his toys. In her livefeed from November 2000, yx is passed around, used and humiliated, but at no time broken.

Seated on a chair, that babe nervously wrings her unbound hands; eyes dart anxiously about the room. Approaching from behind, PD pulls a leather thong taut around her neck and orders his hapless sufferer to strip.

Stripped down to thigh-highs and a garter strap, that babe is lead around with a leather leash like a dog, sitting, healing, and rolling over obediently on command.

With leather around the wrists and ankles, her nude form is lifted into a suspension. Back curving gracefully below the strain, that babe squirms and moans, lastly begging to be let down.

She is next tied to a chair with legs widen. Her throat is stuffed with a ball gag and plastic wrap is secured around her head. Yx squeals and wiggles as a heat gun is used to tighten the plastic around her face.

Attaching a lengthy rubber catheter to the ball gag, PD controls his shrink-wrapped beautyís breath, slitting off her airflow animal training his whim. He sticks the catheter in her wet crack, f0rcing her to engulf heavy on herself.

With one leg bent and fastened to her haunch, this babe is suspended another time, her entire body weight hung by a single ankle. While this babe suffers in midair, PD slips a sex toy in and out of her slippery vagina.

Arms fastened with straps, this babe balances on tiptoes, supported by her wavy, darksome mane. PD and XTC take turns with the rod, making yx sing in high-pitched torment and dance awkwardly on her toes.

The walloping proceeds with an even thicker rod. Tears streaming down her face, yx counts every jack off and gives thanks in betwixt choked sobs.

Joining in on the feeding frenzy, Sir Barry takes his turn, delivering immoral strokes that evoke greater amount wails and despairing whimpers. But eventually the screaming stops and this babe accepts every blow silently with determination.

Covered with welts and bruises, sore, exhausted, yx lastly acquires her award. She is thonged down to a nasty pipe device. Biting down on a plastic, spiked gag animal play it is front, a fake penis thrusts mechanically from behind. The fake penis brings her to agonorgasmos quickly; this babe screams animal play the intensity of her release.

Original FileName: 20021231 - Machine Love (Live Feed From November 25, 2000) (YX, 822)

Format: real

Duration: 55:43

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Machine Love Live Feed YX, 822 - InSex

Machine Love Live Feed YX, 822 - InSex

File size: 91.1 MB

Machine Love Live Feed YX, 822 - InSex