Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power play suffering coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

Wild * 1228 submits to PD. Belted down to a metal chair, this babe attempts to free herself with mitted hands.

PD keeps her quiet, threading metal throughout her nose and lip piercings. Posture collar pulled taut around her neck, this babe languishes helplessly.

He places a ball gag in her face hole and introduces her to the rod, caning her sensitive flesh. After restraint bondage her love bubbles with thin leather cord, that guy plucks hair from her unshaved slit and deposits it in her face hole. He copulates her with Mr. Pogo and vibrates her with the eroscillator.

Head surrounded in metal, that babe balances in high heels, waist cinched constricted in a corset. PD secures thongs around her knees, making standing even greater quantity difficult.

Blindfolded and exposed of all her clothing, this babe is lead out to the center of the studio with a rope leash. She struggles against PD as this chab binds her leg to her haunch and stuffs her throat with a rag.

A plastic bag is placed over her head, impeding her breathing whilst PD teases her love button with the dildo. He leaves her alone to see her suffer in her restraint bondage.

In the last scene, that babe is another time thonged to a metal chair, straddling it is back with bent legs. She squeals throughout a spider gag as PD canes her pliant a-hole.

Original FileName: 20020925 - 1228's Test (1288)

Format: real

Duration: 30:05

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

1228s Test - InSex

1228s Test - InSex

File size: 49.0 MB

1228s Test - InSex

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