Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying dominance and submission castigation raw pd enema 912 insexarchives

The edit version and picture set weren't posted until 2002.

Long flowing black hair. Tight, lithe body. Her wet crack oozes animalism the touch of the ropes. Filled with a mixture of nervousness and passion, that babe is introduced to the members. In her Debut Feed from June 10, 2000, yx accepts the restraint bondage, the torment, the ache; this babe is immersed in it all.

A taut package encased in cellophane from head to toe, that babe is 1st tortured with electricity to her bazookas, wazoo, and bawdy cleft. She shrieks and writhes as the heavy waves bite the point of contact and roll throughout her body in waves.

Balanced on tiptoes atop 2 boxes, her fur pie and nipps are clamped, stretched, and secured in place; wrists are bound overhead. Trapped in this agonizing position, any movement is excruciating. Her entire body quivers as PD strikes her with the rod.

PD binds her to a chair, widening her legs for the marital-device that is inserted unfathomable into her cum-hole. Wrapped tightly in leather, her firm mangos protrude, their color deepens. A rubber hood zipped over her head requires unfathomable breathing -- this babe is taking in all her air throughout miniature holes animal play the eyes. As her love muffins and vagina are caned in this position, the screams and groans make her breathing sporadic. In spite of the pang, that babe leaves a puddle of her juices on the chair, which this babe is then ordered to take up with the tongue clean.

Doubled over, that babe is strung up and suspended, totally bare, vulnerable, and feeble. PD flogs and canes her a-hole, adding color to her delicate milky white skin. Tears stream down her cheeks as this babe is screwed with Mr. Pogo and caned simultaneously.

Stocks immobilizing her neck and arms, this babe is silenced with a pump gag. Obviously turned on by the night’s hard ordeals, that babe comes easily animal training the touch of the eroscillator.

Original FileName: 20020102 - YXs Debut (Live Feed From June 10, 2000) (YX)

Format: real

Duration: 37:51

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

YXs Debut Live Feed - InSex

YXs Debut Live Feed - InSex

YXs Debut Live Feed - InSex

File size: 61.3 MB

YXs Debut Live Feed - InSex

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