Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power exchange torment hard pd enema 912 insexarchives

Fresh, wide-eyed face framed with a flaxen mane, Tyler Scot is a picture of youth and innocence. But how could everything so lovely and nice-looking be so tough, enduring such torments bravely and out of complaint? Bound, gagged, shocked, and stimulated, Tyler proceeds to suffer sweetly for the Insex members in this live feed from April 2001.

Head concealed with a cloth bag, arms and legs fastened securely with rope, that babe lies feeble atop a wooden box. PD removes the bag and folds her pliant body in a wrist and ankle bondage. Gagged with cloth, this babe wiggles around, languishing in the torment tie.

Ripping off the sundress, this guy pulls her cotton pants high up in her crotch. Wielding one of her pink moccasins this guy beats her wazoo and soft, nude feet.

Impaled on a marital-device, this babe is the test subject for a indeed cold-blooded device. Balancing on her tiptoes, this babe leans back, stretching tight teats in order to avoid an electrical shock. Tears stream down her cheeks as the agonizing position becomes likewise much. Eventually that babe have to submit to the inevitable electric jolts.

Back arched, legs splayed open, that babe is suspended by her wrists and ankles. Cord bound around her nipps is anchored to the ground, harshly pulling animal play her merry pantoons.

Hands tied behind the back, wood encircling her slim neck, Tyler rolls herself out on a cart. Legs pulled up and ankles cuffed, her muff is wide open and stripped for a sextoy to be locked in place. A gag is f0rced into her prolapsed throat and a hook pulls her nose up. Leather cord holds her feet in position to be tortured with a wooden kebab stick and heated with bursts of flame.

Gag removed, her erotic cries are clear and carnal when the eroscillator brings her to big o. Face drenched with sweat, this babe humps on the vibrator, shaking the entire crate in attempt to avoid the vibrator’s continuous stimulation. Desperate, that babe pleads for everything else; her sensitized, swollen love button turns out to be the worst anguish of all.

Original FileName: 20020410 - Tyler Trolley (Live Feed From April 8, 2001) (Tyler)

Format: real

Duration: 20:26

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Tyler Trolley Live Feed - InSex

Tyler Trolley Live Feed - InSex

Tyler Trolley Live Feed - InSex

File size: 33.6 MB

Tyler Trolley Live Feed - InSex

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