Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power exchange ache raw pd enema 912 insexarchives

She’s curious, that one. Not like the others. Usually they just settle down in their fresh place. I come acquire em when I’m wonderful and willing. But this fresh tenant, that babe wouldn’t have it. Just had to explore and figure things out. It’s alright, though, I caught her early on. The inquisitive ones, they’re the almost any joy to break. And I break ‘em all, in the end.

I knocked on her door one day, just to talk business, that’s what I told. Told her to have a seat and that babe did, in spite of the suspicion in her eyes. Should of trusted her instincts, cause I had that new, youthful body tied to the chair in no time flat.

"I’m a curious chap myself," I says, stuffing a ball throughout her soft pink lips. "I desire to learn all I can about u, darlin’." I like how that babe tried to talk with her face hole full, how streams of tears fell from these large reddened eyes.

I paid peculiar attention to her female parts. Girls like that type of stuff, u know. Sure, they’ll protest sometimes, but that’s part of the enjoyment. I pulled her legs up, widen open wide and hairless that defenseless, curly love tunnel.

I messed with her shaved love tunnel after that. Alternated betwixt joy and pang untill the poor kid was coming and twitching and bawling all animalism one time. I overspread her glamorous face in rubber, played with her breath, and beat her white butt red.

And when I was done I dragged her by a rope down to my basement. Tied the nude, slim thing to a pipe, Arms up with legs off the ground. I watched her dangle for awhile. Stroked her soft, goosebumpy skin.

"Welcome home," I told, turning to leave. And this babe couldn’t say a thing back, I had that rag poked so unfathomable in her mouth. Silent, I like ‘em that way.

She’s not like the others, I’ll say it another time. Something specific, that’s for sure. But no matter who they are or where they’re from, they all end up in the same place. I take worthy care of the cuties who rent from me

Original FileName: 20020219 - The Roomate (1201's Test) (1201)

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The Roomate 1201s Test - InSex

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The Roomate 1201s Test - InSex