Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying dominance and submission ache coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

Ah the great outdoors–the chirping birds, the clean recent air, the tied nude angels screaming throughout cloth-stuffed face holes. In this article, yx, 101, and 411 spend a relaxing day in the country, bonding with nature in a entire fresh way.

At daybreak, poor yx is bound to a cross. Legs widen, arms outstretched, crotch resting on a sharp wooden block, this babe suffers beautifully as the soreness quickly intensifies.

Underneath the harsh midday sun, 101 and 411 are lead out to a drained concrete pond. Thoroughly gagged and manacled animalism the neck, they flop around, baking in the heat.

Sticky corn syrup is drizzled on their exposed skin, causing em to slide and slip as they struggle. Rinsed down with a pantyhose, they squeal as the sharp stream of water attacks their sugary flesh.

Lead on a leash, yx tromps throughout the woods. She is dragged to an opening, tethered to a tree, and left to await in suspense. Tossed into a gap in the ground, that babe languishes helplessly.

Ankles and neck are staked down, making escape impossible. With a plastic bag covering her face and vibrator pushed unfathomable into her slit, all that babe can do is plead desperately throughout a plastic breathing catheter as PD shovels filth on dominant of her. Once this babe is totally overspread, that guy leaves her there, buried alive.

Tied to a chain-link fence with legs splayed open, 411 whimpers and writhes against the ropes. Filled with a wooden sextoy, this babe screams in fear when PD strikes her with a thin wooden switch-hitter, working up and down every leg.

Late animal play night, 101, pressed into a miniature cage, shivers in the darkness. Raised up, that babe is roasted over a campfire. Swinging low above the flame, the metal heats, burning her soft ivory skin.

Original FileName: 20020508 - Cabin Corps (411, 101, YX)

Format: real

Duration: 36:35

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Cabin Corps 411, 101, YX - InSex

Cabin Corps 411, 101, YX - InSex

Cabin Corps 411, 101, YX - InSex

File size: 59.9 MB

Cabin Corps 411, 101, YX - InSex

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