Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: restraint bondage power exchange torment heavy pd enema 912 insexarchives

In the debut of the Insex Farm, sassy bottom 49 is relocated to the country for a example of the elementary life.

Manhandled and dragged into the barn, her lithe, flabby body is tossed onto the floor. PD hogties her tightly then pulls down her petticoat and reservoir master, leaving her skin undressed as that babe writhes against the itchy hay.

He pulls the tie even tighter, f0rcing her back into an arch. The rope around her neck is severe, choking when that babe moves. Then this chab covers his feeble captive with piles of hay to keep her warm for the night.

In the morning, this babe takes a ride into city, keeping him company whilst that guy runs his errands. Seated in a cage in the back of his truck, her eyes dart nervously; that babe is pondering her fate. Back on the farm, this babe is once more delivered to the barn. Hoisted high in the air, that babe waits, surrounded by the darkness.

Awakened early, that babe is lead outside, manacled and restrained with ankle and wrist manacles. Her 1st chore of the day is to dig a gap in the intense, rocky earth. The braces dig into her bones as that babe thrusts the shovel into the ground. Exhausted, this babe squats down, using stripped hands to toss away rocks and filth.

Done with her task, this babe is placed back in the cage to be buried in the grave that babe dug for herself. Covered in filth up to her neck, that babe attempts to ward off the bugs that have gathered. PD piddles all over her face and hair, places a rock in her open throat, then covers her head with a metal pail.

In the evening, that babe is returned to her cage in the barn. Crammed in so taut, that babe cannot move to relieve the pressure of the metal against her aching legs. She pees throughout the bars of the cage then endures her suffering silently.

Lowering the cage onto a wooden block, PD uses a spider gag to hold 49’s throat wide, allowing him effortless access to all of her holes. He shoves a sex-toy into her throat making her gag–she entreats for it to go anywhere else. He bonks her slit, thrusting it rapidly so the cage rocks and the metal digs sharply into her knees. Then this chab pushes it into her booty, sliding it in and out sluggishly, firmly. Finally that guy uses the sex toy on her pulsating clitoris; juice oozes from her cookie as that guy awards her for a rough day’s work.

Original FileName: 20020724 - Barn 49 (Farmed Out) (49)

Format: real

Duration: 58:25

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Barn 49 Farmed Out - InSex

Barn 49 Farmed Out - InSex

File size: 95.1 MB

Barn 49 Farmed Out - InSex

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