318 – InSex

04 Aug 2013

Release Year: 2013

Studio: Insex Archives

Genres: tying power exchange pain coarse pd enema 912 insexarchives

Blonde and blue-eyed, this 34 year-old freelance model attempts to take on the Insex defiance out of breaking a nail.

After answering PD’s interview questions, 318 is fastened to a wooden chair with arms animalism her sides and legs bent and widen. Amused by her predicament, this babe giggles when drops of liquid squirt from her merry nipps. He wraps her hands in tape so that this babe cannot resist as this chab undresses off her garments. Her pants are stuffed in her throat; tape is wrapped round her head, covering her eyes and lips. Her fastened body undulates when PD masturbates her with the sex toy.

Rope renders her even greater amount feeble. Disoriented, this babe stumbles about the studio, flinching when the elephant trunk strikes her golden skin. A leather posture collar is tightened around her neck, providing an anchor for a pulley to lift her up onto her toes.

PD folds her toes into points and encases em in tape. He provides support, dancing with her for a pont of time. Then this chab leaves her alone to gingerly stand on her stumped feet.

Hogtied, this babe writhes on the filthy concrete floor. PD places a plastic bag over her head, instructing her to crawl to him for air. Blindly, that babe inches her way toward him, working with the adult baby mobility that the harsh tie allows.

She is next tied face down to a wooden beam, with legs bent and arms fastened str8 behind her. Weights are hung from a cord around her nipps. A fake penis is thrust into her moist fur pie.

Standing, her arms are secured str8 overhead; toes are tethered to the floor. Suspended by her wrists, her stretched, lithe body is struck with the captains daughter. Lowered to the ground, that babe is fastened with one foot up, leaving her bald cookie nude for greater quantity flagellation.

Finally, that babe is secured in a clam tie with chest pulled down over crossed legs. Matt teases greater quantity milk out of her firm meatballs then flips her onto her back to vibrate her mellow, swollen clitoris.

Original FileName: 20020907 - 318 (318)

Format: real

Duration: 44:22

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

318 - InSex

318 - InSex

318 - InSex

318 - InSex

File size: 72.4 MB

318 - InSex

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